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  1. Brake Imbalance

    to stooge 75, Haven't figured out what the fault is yet, but have managed to borrow a startester to see if the car's diagnostic can tell me whats up. Someone else (a ford bod), thinks it might be one of the injectors working overtime
  2. Brake Imbalance

    has had a basic service, it doesn't burn oil, but there is aleak from somewhere underneath. 15/30 oil was used. as for running problems, there aren't many. Temp gauge reads bottom end of normal going along, shoots up when idle. engine idles between 900-1200 revs. takes about 25 mins to get to operating temp. other than that, just usual age related stuff
  3. Brake Imbalance

    oh CO results were within range
  4. Brake Imbalance

    thanks, yes engine was warmed up, I bear no grudge against MOT guys, i have known them for years. there is a lot more it could fail on, but we wont go into that! As far i understand the print out, HC is around 145ppm? you can smell it when the car is running!
  5. Brake Imbalance

    i'll hold my hands up to changing it without knowing the underlying cause, but this was on advice of the garage. He couldn't suggest anything else, so i was inclined to believe him.
  6. Brake Imbalance

    apparently, its the only one being sold for my car. tried loads of places and they all gave the same answer. Mind you, parts are becoming harder to get now for it.
  7. Brake Imbalance

    thanks to all for your help about the brakes, It passed the MOT today (just). Developed a new problem since then however, there is now a high reading of hydrocarbons out of the tailpipe. Obvious props like EGR, thermostat, temp sender are all functioning, and the cat is brand new. Had the same problem last year, and its costing a new cat every year! Again, thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Brake Imbalance

    Hi, could anyone possibly help me overcome an imbalance in the braking system of my 20 year old mondeo? It presents in both the rear and front brakes. I have changed the pads front and rear, and the discs at the front, but this hasn't solved the problem. It keeps failing the MOT on this and any help I will be thankful for! Thanks in advance Corinne