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  1. Removing Glove Box Carpet

    All ok - worked it out. I ended up levering up the side of the plug (which looked like a washer around the screw), then pushing it back to leave a little gap around the plastic screw. Screw driver in the gap popped the screw out easily. Now I've just got work out what's wrong with the windows. GOing to replace every fuse in the manul that mentions windows. Thanks for the reassurance to give it a tug. Matt
  2. Removing Glove Box Carpet

    Thanks for this. I've tried swapping the fuses out already. The blower fan makes a tiny noise before the fuse blows - making me thing the fan has seized up; the windows just don't do anything - no clicks or whirrs on either side - but the fuse (25amp in slot 55) is fine. The attached image should show the reverse side of the screw. Looks like it works a bit like a wall plug, with the screw expanding the back end. I'm going to try using some pliers on the reverse to see if I can get some grip - but that's the only one I can access. Otherwise I'll have to drill them out and replace with some bolts.
  3. Removing Glove Box Carpet

    Hi. I've got 2 problems with my Mk1 Focus, both of which require removing the glove box and the carpet kick panel below it. But I can't work out how to remove that carpet. There are 2 or 3 plastic screws in plastic plugs that look to be holding it on. However, I can't unscrew them. Is that normal? Should I just force them out somehow? All help appreciated. Thanks (FYI: I need to get to the blower fan because it's stopped, and both my electric windows have just stopped working and I hear there's something that can work loose behind the fuse box.)