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  1. Zetec S Bumper

    I saw someone on here with a fiesta zetec s that had a fiesta st rear bumper. Was wondering if it was possible to put a focus st rear bumper on my focus zetec s Has anyone done this? I dont know if its a straight swap
  2. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    Oh ace nice one. Personally I cant make any difference between them but its a nice touch and im sure beneficial to others
  3. I was just looking around on ebay and came across this. Does anyone know where I can get the grey 's' stripe along the side? I quite fancy some on my focus but cant for the life of me find where sells them. Please help Cheers Sam
  4. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    As in does anyone have any idea what the difference is?
  5. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    I have the 3 steering settings on my 2010 focus zetec s...a nice touch although im yet to make a difference between them!
  6. Hey All, New To This!

    Its a very impressive little feat that! Im going to try and cobble something together and hope we have one of those little clips! Bit favouritist that they do st ones but not s ones. I think a petition to ford is in need!
  7. Hey All, New To This!

    I'll probably end up going for that cheers! I like the colour of yours as it is, matches the car and blends in. But I must say you are an absolute genius making that 's' clip for your grille. I was desperately trying to find one but will resort to creating my own too!
  8. Hey All, New To This!

    Cheers for that higgsy, the red on black would be good but something is swaying me towards red on white. Am I going mad or would this work? Yeah it was always just a car to me, nothing special. But clearly I knew nothing about them. I pulled up to a dealership by coincidence and loved it from the second I saw it. Next day it was in my name!!
  9. Hey All, New To This!

    Cheers for the welcomes guys. Regarding the gel badges do they just stick over the top of the standard blue ones? The callipers are yellow already but do need another go over, tinted lights is a nice idea. I do love the car. Never had or heard of anything about focus' but I fell in love with it immediately
  10. Hi all, just picked up my focus zetec s so thought id kick off with a photo. I will be looking to sensibly modify it and any thoughts from people would be welcome