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  1. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    well mines gone into ford dealers today, the guy was a total d**k.....made out i should be gratefull hes going to pay for it as its not covered by the 3 year warenty i took out, i explain or tried to that this is a common thing etc etc, and tried to voice my concerns and he says it fixable omg wished i never bothered with ford now after all thats only cars i would have, so its back wednesday
  2. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    lol, that they are :)
  3. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    will tell you excatly what the problem is when it goes in, and what they had done to it, but i will say this the guy @ ford garage wasnt suprised i wasback.....
  4. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    hi all just been looking this up, i took have a 09 feista and you have guessed it, i too have a leaking footwell but mines in the back passenger, its been looked at 2 times already by ford and 1st time they said they sealed up and it happened again took it back, they said they sorted it, ow had to take it again, for the 3 rd time as its worse than ever, and it goes in next week for 2 days,ive only had it 7 months they tried to blagg it by saying it not under warrenty but now they have looked at it ive been told they are to sort it,