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  1. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Hi Sorry for the delay , could not for the life of me remember the password ! Yup I'm getting old ! If it is the o ring it is really easy , I spent a couple of days trying to sort it , once I knew what was wrong I bought 2 o rings and 2 new clips . On my back , in the footwell but it solved it in 20 odd mins . Simple fix and cost about £12 Your pics look different to mine but give it go , you'll only get wet once . Good luck Chris
  2. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Christ , I've just noticed the date of the post ! Sorry for the slooooow response , how'd you get on with this . Chri
  3. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Hi I've been doing a lot of reading about this as my girlfriends focus has the exact same problem . The pics you have posted are slightly different to mine , 54 plate 1.6 ghia After spending all of Sunday laying on my back with my head in the footwell it seems that the joint that is leaking on hers is definitely part of the heating/water system , I have slightly pulled this apart and it is the same colour as the water in the expansion tank . Being a gas man and this joint looking like many on boilers I work on I decided to have a go . I began by putting the clip back on , nope ! I slightly opened up the joint and wrapped it in PTFE and putting the clip back on , better but nope ! I then split it and wrapped more PTFE and a heat/water resistant , far better but a tiny leak . More ready and I can across below ( I did try to post a link but stupid iPad won't show it ) I'm going to give this a go again ! Hope this helps Chris "I have the same problem. I bought new O-rings and clips from my dealer - they were in stock and cost about £12. I created a platform level with the car sill, using a board and bricks, so I could lie through the open car door, with my left shoulder in the footwell. Using a torch I was able to look up to the left of the clutch pedal to see the pipe joint and remove the clip. Just rotate the clip and spring it open with a screw driver. I pulled back the pipe from the engine side of the bulkhead to separate the joint. The old O-ring looked as if it had been trapped when originally assembled, and was split when I removed it. Replace the O-ring in the internal groove in the end of the pipe which goes through the bulkhead. Add some silicone grease, soap or washing up liquid as a lubricant, then try to get the joint back together without trapping the O-ring. It may help to have a friend work the pipe from the engine side whilst you try to line it up with the pipe from the matrix. Difficult! If they won't line up, remove the plastic spacer from between the heater and air con pipes, inside the car, where the pipes come through the bulkhead. The spacer should ping out if you fiddle it away from the plastic moulding through which the pipes are passed, using with a screw driver. This will give the pipes more movement to get them aligned. Finally replace the plastic clip. I did all this - it took most of a day - only to find the joint still leaks. I hope you have better luck than I did. I'll be trying again later in the week and may add some silicone sealant this time. This is a pig of a job - even worse than replacing the clutch return spring! Good luck! "