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  1. I recently had a fuel leak on my 2005 Fiesta 1.4 diesel. A garage replaced the fuel injector seals, high pressure pipes, air induction hose and leak off pipe which cured the problem. A couple of weeks later the EAC fail light started to flash whenever I accelerate unless I accelerate very gently. It then gets to a certain speed (about 10mph in first, 20mph in second etc) and won't accelerate any more with a maximum of about 50mph in fifth. I took it to a different garage as the first doesn't have the diagnostic equipment and about ten faults were logged but the mechanic said none of them relate to the EAC problem or the that the EAC problem related to the work on the injectors that was done very recently. The faults logged were: p1602-immobiliser communication p1934-driving speed signal p2912-reverse light switch p0102-air mass signal (x2) p0113-air temperature signal p0336-crank signal p0562-voltage supply p0340-camshaft sensor p0119-coolant temperature signal He reckoned there was 'restricted engine breathing' so he separated the exhaust mounting flange but no change then he separated the catalytic converter from the turbo charge but no change then he replaced the fuel filter but still no change. He thinks the next thing to try is the fuel pump but thinks it's not worth paying for as it might not solve the problem and I should just get a new car. Any help on how this EAC fault could be resolved would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt