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  1. yeah you're right since the stock foglights are installed in the bumper
  2. i'm thinking of fitting the rear st bumper soon. what concerns me right now is the st front bumper. i just want to make sure that it is a direct replacement before i buy the one that i saw on ebay. thnaks stoney for the suggestion.
  3. Is the ST bumper a direct replacement for stock mk2.5 bumper?
  4. Getrag Powershift Transmission

    Yup I heard about that but too many Focus here in the Philippines suffered of transmission malfunction with powershift type and I don't want to be one of them (fingers crossed in both hands). And the sad thing is most of the Ford Service Casa's cannot fix the problem easily as they're saying that parts are not available and needed to wait for quite some time and the most horrible part is the transmission replacement parts' cost is almost the cost of a 2nd hand car here in the Philippines. That's a lot of money..Almost 4000 UK pounds. That is for the TCM alone (transmission control module). If fooling people will make your way straight to hell then for sure these people are on the A list.
  5. Getrag Powershift Transmission

    Artscot79, mk2.5 powershift transmission is different from mk1's getrag transmission. Mine is basically a dual clutch manual transmission, two cluthes working in parallel. And from the pictures on the link the drain plug and filling plug are very far different from mine
  6. Hello There Everyone

    Hello Oliverb, soon...I'm still waiting for the reverse camera that I ordered from aliexpress.com. If I have enough budget then I might replace my headlight into projector type then I might put a tube-box subwoofer.
  7. Getrag Powershift Transmission

    Automatic Transmission Fluid
  8. Hello There Everyone

    Thank you guys for the warm appreciation.
  9. Getrag Powershift Transmission

    Does anyone here knows how to DIY in changing ATF of Ford Focus Powershift Transmission? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello There Everyone

    Thanks Lenny, I'll order this one now. Thanks again
  11. Hello There Everyone

    Arvin28168, on 30 Oct 2013 - 03:39, said: That camera does look tidy, Couldn't you email the seller and get one posted to you? Unfortunately, the seller told me that the item is available to send in my country. I dunno for what reason.
  12. Hello There Everyone

    ahhh you mean the carbon-fiber look finish thing. the fascia. that is what it is when I bought my car. I only replaced the head unit.
  13. Hello There Everyone

    I installed the unit by myself. You don't need a fascia with this one as this unit perfectly fits where my stock headunit was on. I think that the one that you have in UK is with the curved-edge. You can look at ebay.com. check these links this one could be the one you are looking for..http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Android-2-3-DVD-GPS-Radio-for-Silver-Ford-Mondeo-Focus-S-Max-3G-WiFi-iPod-/171160319326?pt=US_Video_In_Dash_Units_w_GPS&hash=item27d9f3355e or much better is this one..http://www.ebay.com/itm/ETO-Car-Stereo-for-Ford-Focus-S-max-Kuga-Mondeo-Sat-Nav-GPS-Navigation-Radio-DVD-/280845258113?pt=US_Video_In_Dash_Units_w_GPS&hash=item4163ae8d81
  14. Hello There Everyone

    Maybe soon. If the reverse camera that I want will be available locally. Sadly, it's only available in New York. I contacted a friend (my x-gf) about 2 weeks ago. She's there in New York and I asked her if she can purchase the item for me but she's not replying anymore. How sad. I just hope that this item can reach the Philippine shore. Check this out..http://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Reverse-Backup-Video-Camera-For-Land-Rover-Freelander-Range-Rover-Ford-Focus-/131005287685?pt=US_Rear_View_Monitors_Cams_Kits&hash=item1e80860d05
  15. Hello There Everyone

    Thanks Lenny, by the way this I attached 2 new pics of my headunit.