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  1. Paint codes for Ford Focus

    Hi, I have been trying to find what colour my 04 Zetec Automatic actually is. The colour code on the VIN plate says Z3, but after searching several sites I am now more confused than before. So far I have: Rimini Blue (but that looks to dark) Vitro Met (Ka) (Ka????, do they use Ka colours on Focus, (or is it Foci ?) ?) Tonic (no description on that at all). Anyone got any ideas, or the same colour coded Focus ? Thanks :)
  2. Hi

    Hi all, Well, I have just bought my first Ford in many a year. Was a confirmed Peugot man until the last one blew up on me, so thought it time for a change, and am I glad I did!!!!. Picked up a lovely little 04 Focus Zetec automatic for a very reasonable price, and so far its knocking spots off the Peugots. Already done about 2500 miles in the past couple of months, and very pleased with the comfort and fuel consumption. Do find it a bit skittish in high winds, but very responsive. I'll try to get a pic posted in the near future.
  3. door lock problems

    Its probably the receiver unit. If you have a workshop manual, it should tell you where the unit is located. Also check your fuse box, sounds simple, but many have been caught out.