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  1. brokentechie

    Power mirrors

    Hi all, New to me (wife) Titanium X Galaxy on a 14 plate. My Mondeo has power fold mirrors but this one does not, is that right for Titanium X trim? Not a major problem but it's standard on a Mondeo. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. brokentechie

    Can Anyone Get Access To Tsb's For My Car?

    I'm pretty sure - as I said I have checked the voltage across the sensor terminal block and I can't get the 12v required - I will try again and hope for the best - it was intermittent but it's permanent now! Thanks for the suggestion BT
  3. Hi all, following on from my previous post regarding ABS sensor wire, I have found out that on my OH's 2010 Titanium the wiring has been changed - I was sold a sensor lead, which has a connector on it, but looking at the physical car it looks like this has been replaced as part of a TSB, as the cable on my car routes right back to the ESP module with no connector at the wing. I cannot for the life of me get any info out of my local stealer, so I begging for help here. The problem: ABS and ESP light illuminated on dash, error codes C1145 and U2023. Intermittent. I know the sensor is good, I have continuity (but this may be intermittent) however I suspect that the pins 8 and 9 at connector C830 are a bit duff due to being replaced. I need to strip the connector down at both ends of the lead, however I'm struggling with how to release the pins so I can check fully continuity, and if required change the cable. Can anyone please help - if it was covered under a TSB and changed, am I likely to have any joy with Ford at them meeting at least some of the cost to fix. The diagnostic states I should check for 12v at the sensor end, which I don't have across the + and - pins, however if I connect the +ve and ground the meter out on the chassis I have the required voltage. As I said continuity checks out so it can only be a dodgy pin at either the sensor or the ABS/ESP module. Many thanks BT
  4. brokentechie

    Abs/esp System Help Please '10 Mk 2.5 Focus

    Thanks, that's encouraging that the ABS module is not borked! I'll see if I can order a new one tomorrow and then Google furiously as to how to remove the cables from the main connector
  5. Hi all, having a bit of an issue with my partners car and it's giving me the serious hump! Car reports 2 error message from BCM - U2023 and C1145, however they are intermittent :( I have checked the sensor for a known good one, and it clears, then stop the car thinking it's fixed and then randomly ESP and ABS lights come on, go off, come on again, go off with no rhyme or reason to it. I have used FORscan and tried the error troubleshoots and I'm not getting 12V on the FR sensor connection - if I put the +ve lead across a multimeter to ground (on the chassis) I have 12v so it leads me to believe I have power to the connector, just not back to the ABS module - I have done continuity checks on both wires from the module connector to the wheel sensor connector and it's all good, so I just can't work out where the fault is - My assumption it that the gnd for the sensor is not making good contact at the module as i get continuity through the sensor and wiring. So does anyone know how I can solve this/test the ABS module? as soon as I remove the module connector I lose power to it - I want to test across the pins of the FR circuit to make sure the module is sound so other than gash some power to it (I don't want to fry it) I need some ideas. because of the intermittent nature of the fault I want to believe the module is not knackered (ouch on the wallet) so would appreciate anything I have missed. Also can anyone tell me how I can remove the pins from the multiplugs so I can at least have a go at replacing/ensuring there's a good connection all the way thru - there seems to be an intermittent short circuit/open circuit but I'm stumped as the continuity checks out. Many thanks BT