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  1. Thanks for your input guys, any common faults to look out for?
  2. Hello all, I am considering buying a newer Ford and different model and would be grateful on some opinions. I currently drive a 2000 MK I Focus 1.8 Zetec Petrol Engine, done about 65,000 miles, low considering it's age, had it a couple of years now and have been happy with it, but in the past 6 months it did develop a radiator leak that has seemingly been cured with a type of Radseal additive, can't remember the brand. My only gripe is poor MPG compared with newer cars and it had no service history so timing belt should really be done! I've seen a Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Zetec S 2007 done 88,000 miles going for about £4000 with FSH - very clean, nice half leather interior. Few marks on the alloys from curbing which I'm not happy with but the seller has agreed to get these refurbished within the price which makes me wonder how fair the price is or if it has any issues, I thought refurbing alloys would not be a cheap job? any thoughts? The truth is I don't need to change cars, the lower running costs are very appealing, true mpg of the Fiesta showing twice what my Focus does, road tax down from £220 to £30 (spending £4000 to save on running costs isn't exactly cost effective) but it's just generally a cleaner looking car, pristine if they get those wheels sorted. I am test driving tomorrow, which is the acid test really but anyone made a similar change between Ford models that could comment? Anyone's thoughts much appreciated though! Cheers P.S - and by the looks of it I need to check for water leaks into footwells, any other common faults?