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  1. Whoooosh Sound?????

    Well here's the heads up so far with whoooosh problem. Finshed nights ( which is always a good feeling! ), Haynes manual is here ( not really giving much direction ) and it's been to a mechanic who I have known for years, ( another one ). 2 mechanics I know say its not the turbo, one says it is and another one I don't know but, has dealt with the car in the past for the previous owner says no to turbo as he says no spiking in power when hooked up to computer. Now at a lose as the fella who says it is turbo has told me to get one and he''ll shove it on! Being that a recon starts at about £340 delivered and a salvage, around the £150 +, not really sure on the gamble. Well, I ve phoned a freind, not sure on the 50/50, now asking the audience? Ahhhhhh...... head well and truly done in.
  2. Whoooosh Sound?????

    Hello James, not at the moment as work is getting in the way! Have spoken to a mechanic and he believes it to be connected to the manifold. As soon as I get chance, we will tackle it and I wiil let you know. Haynes manual will arrive tomorrow! Lol. Not to early as on 12hrs nights. : )
  3. Whoooosh Sound?????

    I would just like to say thanks for all the advice and help so far. Having trouble looking at the car at the moment due to rain and shift work! Frustrating to say the least, ahhhhh. Managed about half an hour yesterday but , then I was looking for a intercooler I do not have!Doh.... Still no sign of leak and I am fairly sure that it is that as car ticks over sweet, still doing my head in as its the wifes motor. Its got that bad I 've even ordered a Haynes manual!!!!!! : )
  4. Whoooosh Sound?????

    I will check out intercooler pipes, this has been suggested. Where is it on this model? Not that familiar on these as I've only just got used to not feeding the horse! : )
  5. Whoooosh Sound?????

    Sound starts at about 2000 revs. If you bsck off the revs it goes away. Car pulls like a train, no lack of power. Will try soapy water idea as I'm running out of ideas. Just wondered if it was a common problem.
  6. Whoooosh Sound?????

    It's doing my head in. 1.4 Tdci, 05 Fusion, fully serviced and just over 40,000 miles on the clock but, when you accelerate, whoooshing sound like the blowers have come on. Checked booster pipes, been off and reseated, no spilts or cracks. What can it be? Help