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  1. MattDRX

    Things I Do Like

    Getting to meet David Attenborough. Huge respect for the guy and such a nice chap.
  2. MattDRX

    Things I Don't Like

    Working my nuts off for the past 3 months and barely any Internet time wasting and conversation since the 30/05 when I left my last job.
  3. MattDRX

    Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    Health and safety manager for a certain Television / news / radio operator that I can't mention for some reason but it's generally the first one that comes on when you turn the TV on. Hi everyone, been a while.
  4. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    Off to email to a speeding lawyer now anyway, see what they say.
  5. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    wait wait wait, When I got done, I was stopped by the side of the road and was told I would get something in the post, this was November 2010, I didn't get anything until the end of April to attend court in May, I didn't get seen in court due to them constantly ******** about until 17/07/11, 4 court visits, 3 wanted cards in the post too. So is that really not right? If so I am going to Clean Thames Valley Police and HM Court Service right out, I'm not making that up that's genuinely how it went, I didn't get anything in the post for like 5 months and 2 weeks, I got absolutely nothing before that. I want my 4 days unpaid leave back and my £400 fine and increased insurance costs and compo for all the immense stress I went through thinking I was on the run from the law. Joke.
  6. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    no one is saying that, it's quite a confusing subject as is most British Law, deliberately awkward to rinse the general public into submission. Always best to query anything if unsure, the internet Fweeends is here to help.
  7. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    ^ Got family in the business, plus experience of going to court 4 times for a singular offence and dodging the wanted cards ( not my fault I turned up and they had no record of me 3 TIMES!!!! and still sent me wanted cards with a photo of an unhappy holiday maker )
  8. MattDRX

    Things I Don't Like

    KFC is like the Feast of kings imo, £13 will buy you a mighty tasty banquet. Maccdys is for people in Corsa's and MX5's to troll around in. Burger King is for people who like £10 for a meal that's marginally better than McDonalds. GTA just makes me lol I love the way in the game that everything results in the DEATH penalty, even bumping into the police get's you executed, not the like old days where you got arrested etc. Rockstar took a good punt on US policing here, they must hate it. Best Scottish export ever.
  9. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    Think it's being misread. The Po po have 6 months to notify the courts that they are courting you etc and get the paperwork to you. The courts have to send you a letter saying your being summoned, enter your plea etc, and then you'll get a date, say if the letter says 01/05/15 the date of your appearance has to be no earlier than the 15/05, 14 days notice of prosecution is your appearance date not the paperwork serving date from time of offence. But the police / courts do not have to send you anything up to 6 months from the date of offence.
  10. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    Nope it's 6 months Graham, been there and done that, took from November to May to get the letter, thought I well and truly got let off for months and months. you can a minimum 14 days notice to appear in court or receive punishment.
  11. MattDRX

    Things I Don't Like

    Not to mention it's hard avoiding the police for 60 seconds, it's 3*'s straight away for mowing someone down so can be quite hard in a regular car, need a decent alleyway to hide down until they give up the chase.
  12. MattDRX

    Caught Speeding! Advice Please...

    They have 6 months from the date of offence to issues a NIP and 14 days is the minimum notice required for you to APPEAR in court, IE they can't ask you to appear in court tomorrow.
  13. MattDRX

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't think it's new dude. been annoying us for ages. If you have DAB stick Kerrang on, get some proper tunes playing.
  14. MattDRX

    Oil Pressure Warning

    Don't carry on with it too much, possibly a worn engine bearing or oil pump is knackered, you can gain extra life by putting a thicker oil and it'll generate higher pressures.
  15. MattDRX

    My Beloved Car Stolen 16Th May

    It wouldn't work, I had a full Renault diagnostic kit on my laptaop and you had to have full power to the ECU via OBD port for it to connect, it wouldn't self power it and for some reason also even with full battery power reading the ECU killed the battery on the laptop it drained it from full to less than 10% in under 30 mins lol was almost glowing. But also the fuse will complete the circuit, removing it kills the circuit regardless of auxiliary power.