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  1. Has anyone got any user guides or notes that would be useful for this?? Thanks Mark
  2. My rear wind screen wiper has all of a sudden stopped working correctly. I used to be able to turn it on and off again and it would complete a full swipe of the windscreen. Now however, when i turn it on it will work but when i turn it off the wiper will stop in this location no matter where the wiper is Ive taken it all apart and had a look at everything, it all looks ok, not burn marks and all greased up. Ive had a look at the fuse and this is ok. My fiesta is on an 02 plate mk5 so is one of the last ones to come out of ford and there are no copper connections on the boot lid that connect to the top of the bumper area Any ideas before i start spending money on a new motor, could there be a control swtich or something that has stopped working or come lose as all this started happening when it was icey and i accedentally turned the wiper on. A clonk sound was made from the back of the car any help would be great Thanks Mark