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  1. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    There defo is hands free being picked up in the car. Bit of a mystery to be honest! Thanks for all ur replies.
  2. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    Thanks. All of the above is applicable to me. No Bluetooth then, find it strange that my phone can pick up a hands free though.
  3. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    So is there a way I can find out if it actually does have Bluetooth?? I presumed that because my iphone was picking up a "hands free" that that would be the case??
  4. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    Sorry pic didn't work! It says Pairing unsuccessful, makes sure hands free is turned on, in range and ready to pair.
  5. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    This is the error message I keep getting. I don't have voice controls on my model. Am confused??
  6. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    Thanks, so just to confirm, even though I have the phone symbol on the radio & my Bluetooth on the phone is picking up either ford audio or hands free, it still more than likely won't work??
  7. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    It now picks up "hands free" via Bluetooth on the phone & when I type in the code 0000 it still doesn't connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is wrecking my head!!
  8. Ford 6000Cd Pairing With Phone.

    I tried that but it still did not connect. I don't think the car has voice control. I found it strange that I there was not an option to turn the Bluetooth on or off in the radio's menu.
  9. Could someone please help, I recently bought a second hand ford focus 2006. It has the above radio system but I am having trouble connecting my iphone. On my iPhone's Bluetooth it finds ford audio system but doesn't seem to connect. No code comes up on the radio to type in. It does not have an advanced menu option in the menu settings to turn the bt on or off. Please help. Thanks in advance.