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  1. new additions now on the car, I quite like
  2. Cagey

    Nearly Finished

    the car is nearing completion after some subtle little additions.
  3. Nice you will have to do some videos on installing the lights that sounds pretty cool.
  4. Looks awesome really do like the blue, have you got any plans on modifications to the car or are you just going to enjoy it as is for now?
  5. Finally the exhaust has arrived its being fitted next Wednesday :) looking forward to it.
  6. Those both sounds really nice I cant wait to have mine put on. I am sticking to Mountune purely on a warranty front but the other benefits you mentioned are also a reason. Its a no brainer really when thinking of modifying a Fiesta / Focus.
  7. That sounds awesome it is what I will be dong with mine I'm sure, The MP215 kit has arrived and they are just waiting to the exhaust to arrive as well but they advised that Moutune are having issues with the supplier on that which is annoying as thats what is holding up everything else being fitted. I could do it in stages but for convenience I want one trip to the garage rather than multiple as that also saves money in labour cost. But I am getting really excited now specially after speaking with people who have them already and just cant say enough good things.
  8. When I first got mine I did think wow this is firm compared to the ZS but honestly its really not that bad. If you get stuck in a town going like 5mph then it can be a little jiggly but nothing unbearable. and when your up at speed its about the same as normal to be honest.
  9. I know its always a pain but its something I am fine to do I plan on having this car for a while so I can live with it for the benefits of a new car.
  10. Yeh never had anything aimed at me. It could just be the area as a Fiesta ST here isn't really anything special. There is a few ST's about but lots of other stuff like Range Rovers and Bentleys which take priority in the jelousy of people I think.
  11. I've only had the car since May so service costs no idea but it won't be that much more. The tax from free to £130 I can live with doesn't bother me at all. 2 door only is better as the car looks a lot better than the 4 door and I have no need for a 4 door. The ride is firm but only a slow speed you notice it on the motorway or normal speed it's fine. The fuel cost like I said isn't really more I usually get 41-46mpg which is better than most with th 1.0 litre get reading things on here although I did used to get 60out of mine. Insurance wasn't anymore and with Mountune fitted somehow actually went down so I'm not going to complain at that. As for the damage and things that's not something you get with a fiesta really I think your talking more with super cars people get jelouse. Never had any sign of jelousesy aimed at me or seen.
  12. I recently swapped my 1.0 ecoboost in for an ST3 I got just over 10k for my Zetec S so only had to put a bit towards the ST. Well worth it its cost about the same in Fuel if you drive carefully but that doesn't happen often. Best decision I made though its such a step up the 1.0 is good for what it is but its nothing on an ST trust me.
  13. Cagey

    Zetec S & ST3

    A quick shoot with my ST3 and my friends Zetec S which is the best spec I have seen.
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