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  1. Coilovers Help!

    Double checked the fitments and they fit my car sadly! I need coilovers to make my car look the way I want it too. Going to put some BBS Calibre replicas in silver on the car with stretch tyres. Then using wheel spacers on the rear to push them out a little. Without coils it just wont look the way i want.
  2. Coilovers Help!

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone here has fitted any coilovers to there Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7? I'm struggling to find any brands that go above the MK6 that are reasonably priced. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Regards, FordNewbie.
  3. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    Thats looking top notch. I have to update my build post with photos and progress etc. I havent been on here in a little while
  4. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    Thats an exhaust note to be proud of. Turn a few heads driving down the street. How much did it set you back?
  5. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    All very nice bro. I remember when i had my new custom exhaust built and fitted to my Zetec S it picked up speed much better. Not to mention a decent exhaust note too! Ive taken inspiration from your build and bought some DMB Gel badges for my car ( http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/372/ford-badges-gel-overlays-fiesta7 ). Cant wait to stick them on. Its dawned on me that there isnt much i could do to make the paint work more creative due to my car being black. so ive decided to go for a black and red paint scheme and am going to work with that. I eagerly waiting to hear your new exhaust note. should be sweet.
  6. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    Your car is looking great mate since we last spoke a few months ago. it has come a very long wait indeed. Keep up the great work! ;)
  7. Timing Belt Snapping

    I remember when I was looking into the car I came across the different engine types and was hoping for a non-interface type. But all major car manufacturers stopped producing engines like that purely for refinement reasons like @Nighthawk mentioned.
  8. Timing Belt Snapping

    Everyone's argument was I should just cut my losses and buy a new car etc. But I was saying to them I just bought it for x amount of money. Not to mention I love the car to bits. I kinda refused to let it go! Turns out it worked for the best only costing me what it should have been. Around the 2k mark Sent from my iPhone using Ford OCk Blog of
  9. Timing Belt Snapping

    Hey Grumpy, I guess while writing that speech I forget to mention that I got my much loved motor back on the road finally!!!! Ford was right with their diagnosis. My mechanics was wrong as you now know. I'm a firm believer in paying people what they are due. Which is why I went down there to face him and talk it all out. And paying him only what the end sum was. All my friends and family were saying I shouldn't have paid him a penny. A small part of me felt that I would be doing him a wrong due to him forking out on the new genuine parts he stuck on the car, what I eventually paid him didn't even cover half the parts he threw on the car. The further damage comment on the Fords report was in reference to the parts my mechanic had fitted. They weren't sure about them so they reported it, then looked into it all. It is a shame that our professional relationship had to end but it was all down to his actions. So £2100 and some change later I'm happily back on the road (my girlfriend is over the moon lool) Let's just I can't do any mods for quite a while :( :( Sent from my iPhone using Ford OCk Blog of
  10. Timing Belt Snapping

    Hello All, First of all I want to apologise for neglecting this posts for so many months, but you will see why this was all in due time. I will try to squish the past four months into a story as short as possible. First of all let me start by correcting some information that I provided you all in the beginning. The timing belt did not snap at all, in fact it slid. Well this is where the story starts to get interesting. This is a list of things I had to get replaced at my first Mechanics: 1. All 16 valves £107.57 2. 1 piston 3. Head had to be skimmed 4. Timing belt kit £133.84 5. 1 engine relay (Fuse box Relay) 6. Oil filter £12.96 7. Seals x2 £9.98 8. Gaskets £15.02 9. Glow Plugs £98.73 10. Exshaust Valves £107.57 11. Glow plug relay £54.22 12. Cam shaft driver £46.14 13. Anti Freeze £5 14. Fuse box wiring loom (There was some other small stuff he had to do) Right so let me explain how the last bit came about. Turns out that the glow plug relay completely shorted and burnt itself out in the literal sense. It had melted. Now to this day no one can explain to me how this came about. It is a very costly part that set me back £483.79 directly from Fords. Now here is some advice for everyone that might not know this already. The Ford Fiesta MK7 Zetec S TDCI 95 comes with two engine wiring looms, which not even a large fords part reseller didn’t know. I needed the fuse box wiring loom that runs all the way into the drivers’ dashboard. Instead I was sent the other loom. Due to this being a part that’s not kept in stock in the UK because "It is not a part that fails ever" I had to wait 5 days for it to come from all the way from the Fords factory in Germany, but because the mechanics was ill advised and the reseller didn’t know there was two looms I had to wait 10 days for the loom I actually needed to arrive in total. (Bearing in mind it took my mechanic two months to get to this conclusion.) After my mechanic had fixed all he needed to fix he went to start the car. It hard started because it was dead for 3 months ( or so I first thought) The car hard started, and then just completely died. My mechanic started to say it could be the ECU or the Immobiliser. My ECU was sent off for testing twice. On both occasions the car was sent back due to the "specialists companies" not being able to read the device. upon my own investigation I found out the generation of ECU in my car has a new Bosch Tri core lock system. To sum it up, the device is designed to only be opened by Fords and Bosch trained specialists that have the equipment to do so. (I will edit this text to show the exact model in due time.) Then my mechanic was saying he couldn’t read the ECU through the diagnostics port due to him not being able to start the car blah blah blah. So I got very annoyed and asked him if he knew what he was doing or not!!!! Also if the car had beaten him to just take the damn thing to Fords and accept the loss. My step dad went down there twice to make him admit that he had accepted defeat. he eventually did arranged for the car to be taken to Fords. Right now this is where a twist in the story comes up. He booked my car in as a "non-starter". My mechanics had not provided them with any information what so ever as to what he changed and found etc! Fords would not start any serious work on the car unless I came down and signed off on the expenses. It turns out Fords do not like to work with third party mechanics due to past issues with them. So they have a new policy which dictates that they will only contact the owner of the car directly and will not pass on any information to the mechanic directly. So when I went to down to Fords to sign off on them doing an advanced check on my car. The initial checks didn’t bring up anything concrete only page upon page of errors (I do not exaggerate on bit.), sensors etc. The advanced check costs £285. Once the advanced checks had been completed Fords had Informed me that the Camshaft has bent in a really bad way. Which was new to me, because when my car was stripped by my first mechanic, he was adament the cam was fine and wasnt bent etc. Which he then repeated to me on numerous occasions. I told Fords I will have to call them back while I confirm this with my mechanic (im no mechanic so everything they were saying to me just sounded like complete science lool) My mechanic said it cant be the cam blah blah blah becuase it was fine blah blah blah, Fords are crooks blah blah blah. This really put me inbetween a rock and a hard place. I kind of had no option but to give Fords the go ahead to do what they said had to be done. Fords changed: The photo above shows you all the costs I had to pay. Then suddenly it dawned on me... I thought the camshaft was fine when it got to my mechanics! So I asked fords to show me the cam. Which they did. It was bent so badly that it wasn't something that could just be overlooked when stripping the engine. Which to me meant it bent when it was at my mechanics. Now me being a person that doesn't like to assume things at all. I asked Fords loads of questions about what could cause this etc and if it was bent this badly would there be any chance of the car starting if not hard starting then completely dying. My account manager said "not on your nilly mate". So yesterday I went back to my mechanics to sort out his bill. Which came to a total of £2129.94 I asked him questions about the camshaft bending to come to my final conclusion. I didn't going to his shop accusing them of doing all the damage. That would have been wrong not to mention cause a situation. All the questions I asked led both me and my mechanic to silently acknowledge that the damage must have been done at his shop when they fitted it back together and started it. This is a quote from my account manager at Fords that is still ringing in my ears "your small local mechanics will struggle with newer cars due to them not having the education about the mechanics of them. New cars are in essence computers. Long gone are the days that it was all mechanical parts in the engine bay. You have to follow the Fords Manual for everything down to taking the ECU. You have to be very precise with the way you put things back in or you will get serious issues" now that was very true in this situation. My mechanics came to this warped conclusion that he should only have to pay the labour charges on my car being at Fords and not the parts cost due to them "going on my car and not his" which I just laughed at because all the parts that were replaced were in direct contact and damages by the cam twisting. In the end he had to admit defeat. I also added in that I haven't had my car for nearly 4months due to him messing me about. When I told Fords how long he had it they said it was practically criminal! So he had to minus my Fords bill from his bill (2129.94-1293.49= 839.45) You can see why he was so hesitant to accept blame for it. £839.45 didn't even cover his parts cost, which was £1235.34 To draw this long awaited update to a close, I would just like to share something that I've learnt through this situations with everyone on here. Firstly: If you have a new car, think about the initial the costs you will bare. Secondly: Always bring your car back to the dealer if you have electrical or major issues like I have had. It is honestly the best secure place for it to be. I learnt that the hard way. It may cost you "more" but you will never go wrong. You are better covered with them in my opinion. Thirdly: Look after your vehicles with services, it is in your best interest. I bought my car in November, with a full Fords service history the car was serviced every 3months by the business that previously owned it. The first I did was book it in for a full service with my mechanic. The belt was booked in for a change two days after it slid on me which is just my luck lool. The ford recommended change interval is 125,000 miles. Which may or may not be right. I suggest you do it once you hit around 90k in the lovely fiestas. I had my car recovered from Newcastle straight to my mechanics in London (thank the sweet baby Jesus I was covered with Greenflag nationally) because I knew no different. He has always been my mechanic that fixed every issue I brought to him with my first car ( 2007 fiat grande punto 1.4 dynamic sport). So I thought he could do the job of just repairing the belt damage. Turns out more that just that broke. He should have accepted that he couldn't fix all the issues because he didn't have the knowledge, but instead due to pride who couldn't admit he couldn't and take it to Fords. This is my horrid experience over the last 4months. I hope with me sharing all this with you all in detail it will help and educate in some way. Let me know if you feel I have missed anything or if you want to ask me any questions. Regards Omar aka FordNewbies Sent from my iPhone using Ford OCk Blog of
  11. Cigar Lighter / Power Socket Not Working

    Naturally the one i want is the most expensive one. FFS!
  12. Timing Belt Snapping

    Ahh its all a good start. My normal 9 -5 infrastructure job couldnt pay for those cars no matter how much i saved and put away. It would take me about 5 years saving on average 10k a year. which would be a push with all my other commitments at the moment. My job takes some education but mostly common sense. But i have been trading on the Forex since the age of 18 (so about 2 and a bit years) and of recently also trading on the stocks and shares market, playing around with futures contracts etc. funnily enough ive traded the Ford Motor Company stock a few times (before during and after the launch news of the New ranges) nice little earner. Trading takes intelligence and persistence. if you can conquer those two things then it will pay off one day and you can really start to live and enjoy nice things (IMO) if i can get a respectable quote around the 3-5k mark then i will get one or the other. The insurance quote is the swinging factor on this plan.
  13. Timing Belt Snapping

    Well if all goes well i hope to buy either a BMW M3 in matt black, or a Audi S5 then RS5 is a little out my league at the moment. still want to keep the Fez though. She is my love child
  14. Fiesta Arm Rest

    thanks for the replies guys, ill let you all know what i buy and how i get on.
  15. Timing Belt Snapping

    oh and no its not going through my insurance. im trying to gain no claims for what i want to buy next :P