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  1. Its probably due to me driving back from Manchester to Durham once it had split ' I had no choice I wasn't stopping once on the motorway
  2. yes i did take a picture of the offending artical :o quite a big split , about 3 inch long , i never used a manual i just figured it out my self , was done in 25 - 30 mins , was just awkward :D
  3. well it was the lower pipe that was split , bit of a chew on getting to it , had to take the headlight out , but got it done so all good now , thanks for the advice fellas
  4. ive had a good look today and it seems to be the lower pipe thats gone now so will be replacing it in the morning , will let you know how it goes
  5. cheers stoney ill have a look at that , fingers crossed :D
  6. hi , im new to the site , im looking for any help i can get , i have a focus 1800 tdci estate , not had the car long when i noticed it was whistleing when it got just over 2000 revs and had black smoke coming out the exhaust,and a warning light came on the dash , i googled it and was pointed in the direction of a split turbo pipe witch it was, i replaced this from the ford dealership for £54 , the car has been running fine since , now ive been to manchester today and on the way back it stated again , warning light on , whistleing and black smoke . i pulled in at the services and checked the pipe and it seems fine , can anyone tell me what it could be this time ?? any other pipes that could be split ?
  7. Hi All

    hi all new to the site , looking forward to it