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  1. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    Panic over. I took off the distributor this am and Lo! an ignition amplifier underneath - covered in oil. I shall get a new one anyway and shield it some way from oil next time!
  2. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    Those with a manual: Is the Dizzie this model: MOTORCRAFT DISTRIBUTOR - EDA 329?
  3. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    So, it looks like my distributor doesn't have an external amplifier. Which means I have to get another one. There is one new FS on German Ebay for 145Euros! and a couple on UK Ebay second hand for 20quids-ish. Unless anyone on the liost wants to sell me one (working) with the external amplifier? @btmaldon: pic never came out! And I notice the system amended your 'advance and DELETED system'
  4. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    I could be the crankcase sensor. It cuts out without warning and needs a minute or five before it will start again. This last happened on Sunday and it did the cut-out thing for the five miles I drove home about twenty times! Where is the crankcase sensor?
  5. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    Here's a pic of the dizzy. I think it's a Bosch. Can't see anything attached except for a box where the LT wire goes in. Can you take a pic of yours if it has the Ford Ignition box attached? I see lots of them on Ebay, and they're all different!
  6. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    Had a look at my XR at the shop and I cannot see anything attached to the distributor. (Not that I know exactly where to look). My car is an '87 Cabriolet, so it should have one(?)
  7. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    Now we are talking! Well, at least (as you say) it's somewhere to start. I shall check and (possibly) replace and report back.
  8. First did it after an hours driving. Kept doing it every few miles/mins till I got it into a garage who installed a ballast as they said the coil was overheating. Well, this worked for at least two months. Now it's started doing it again. The current thinking is the distributor. Anyone else had/solved a similar problem? My XR is bog standard.