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  1. Central Locking

    Right... I have a mk6.5 zetec S 3 door! When I lock the doors from inside the passenger door locks also! But when I lock the car from the passenger side door handle, it only locks that side! Is this a fault in my car...or... My girlfriend has a mk6 5 door and the passenger side locks all 4 doors... Who knows! Thanks!
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    All my lights come on apart from the flow plug light, I thought there was something up with it! I've had the car two years! I did at first think it was broken, or the bulb or something was out! But it was minus 5 the other day & it was on for less than a second! So I know for definite it's working! All my other lights come on when I tuen the key that's how I was suspicious! Although I have the mk6.5! Maybe the dash Has slightly different lights? Although I doubt that would be the case!
  3. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    I have the 1.6 tdci & I have a glow plug light although it's only came on once in the time I've owned it! Only comes on if it's proper cold I think!
  4. Fiesta Wing Mirrors

    I have just bought a mk6 zetec s tdci! The only thing I don't like about it is the wing mirrors! They are the manual ones. Is there anyway you can upgrade to the 'climate' wing mirrors?
  5. Fiesta Mk6 Vs Mk7

    Well for a wee but extra obviously I can get the newer one, my pal is selling one but I'm not sure:/ probably go for the mk7
  6. Fiesta Mk6 Vs Mk7

    Fiesta mk6.5 zetec s 1.6 diesel or Mk7 fiesta zetec 1.6 diesel? Which mk has better quality etc? Pros and cons?
  7. Power Folding Mirrors

    I've seen a video on how to do it with the fusebox etc, and you can get all the wires, it's just wen it's all in place! What app is that?
  8. I'm looking to buy a mk7 fiesta zetec, just quite fancy getting power folding mirrors, anyone know how easy it is to fit them? And then activate them?
  9. Diesel Engines

  10. Diesel Engines

    I have a mk6 1.6 tdci engine & I'm looking at the mk7 fiesta 1.6 tdci! Are they both the same engine or are they different?