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  1. I bought a Ford Street KA Lux Ed 2004 plate a month ago. Roof problem: On the first morning I had the displeasure of cracking my rear window by lifting it to drop the roof, after the initial crack I decided what the hell and pulled it all the way cracking it in to 3 pieces. After all that the lid to drop the roof faild to open. After pulling the material away in the boot I saw the solenoid that pushes a lever to release the clips, I saw that the lever has a hole in it. Is there a way to add a mechanical switch that bypasses the electrical rubbish to release the clips? Also it took a while but I was able to replace the window, I do not recomend that people do this them selves. it's in but it has a 45^ kink in it. Indicator problem: Every time I approach a round about indicating right the front indicator goes off for 5 - 10 seconds then works again. I can only speculate that I eather have a loose conection, water in the bulb housing or corroded contacts. I've had a look under the hood and see no way to get to the connector. Does anyone know or can advise how to do so?