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  1. Hello all I have replaced the resistor pack in a neighbours mondeo but the maximum blower speed still does not work, what should I look at next?
  2. Passenger Door Won't Unlock

    Having the same trouble on my neighbours 52 registration Mondeo - will not open inside or out, the lock tab on the inside is angled inwards and will not move with the central locking or by hand. WD40 onto the door lock?
  3. Hello all. I have a 2003 MY MK3 Mondeo 1.8 LX with an ineffective handbrake. The lever feels very on or off and doesn't hold the car unless it is on hard. Is there anything basic I can look at and maintain to loosen it up a bit?
  4. Econetic 1.6 Diesel Recall

    A friend of ours was looking at buying a 2011 Fiesta 1.6 Diesel and when I looked at Ford Etis, I saw a recall for it. Thanks for the additional information here people. A quick check of the recall database reveals reveals it is one of 41,564 with the problem... http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/searches/expand.asp?uniqueID=48E90D7A509DC88D80257D4E0049F2EB&freeText=Blank&tx= I recently found a recall for a neighbours Mondeo also, so I'm feeling like a Ford crusader at the moment!
  5. Pollen Filter Change

    Hello all, changed the filter which was as black as night and only £6.70 including VAT at Bedford Battery. Once I'd figured our that there was only one screw to remove (and the round circles on the black cover were not hiding screw heads ) the rest just popped out and it was easy, the seal was not with the new filter and is in need of replacement, but I cleaned it up and it's holding on for now - also no sign of damp inside car, so I must have done something right!
  6. Pollen Filter Change

    LOL - Wonderful answer :D Not done the job yet but that will be on my mind as I do it. I've seen online that there is some kind of seal there as well, can this be re-used or is it best to buy a new one?
  7. Pollen Filter Change

    We have bought a new pollen filter for our Mark 1 Focus and are aware that incorrect installation can lead to rainwater ingress, but I get the impression it is a very easy job. At the moment the breeze from the fan even at maximum seems quite feeble - assuming the pollen filter is filthy how much of a difference will I see?
  8. Replacing 2001 1.6 Lx Brake Pads, Easy?

    Thanks for the advice, will get the job done.
  9. Is it a simple job to replace front brake pads on a 2001 Focus, any surprises in store?
  10. Central Locking

    I'm more afraid for the door Any tips for removing the door card?
  11. Central Locking

    Hello jeebowhite, that's right. just to reiterate: The remote key fob works fine to lock and unlock all doors. The central locking does not activate from the door locks inside the car, only one door is locked when you press the tab.
  12. Central Locking

    I've got an 2001 1.6 LX - the central locking works fine from the key remote but can't be locked from the front internal door lock tabs, the fuses are fine (can't see if it has the mystical fuse 63) but I'm not sure what to look at next.
  13. Free Mk7 Wheel

    Yes James Rosier and Mark M.K it's from a 2008 1.4 Titanium,
  14. Free Mk7 Wheel

    We have a clean but scuffed 15 spoke wheel with a part worn Continental 195/45 R16 tyre for a MK7 Fiesta which was left over from our four years of Fiesta ownership We don't need it anymore and it's taking up space so if someone wants to pick it up from us in Milton Keynes it's free. Might make a good emergency spare wheel/tyre if it's roadworthy.
  15. Changing From Petrol 1.4 To Diesel 1.6

    We went from a 1.4 TDCi Titanium to a 1.6 TDCi and we really did notice the extra torque away from roundabouts, we stormed around France at 130kmh in both cars, never took much notice of fuel consumption though but was generally happy with the distance it could carry us :)