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  1. jizzer

    start stop/ with warning

    Start stop systems disable themselves when battery is under load or not at optimum charge ie air con on heater on rear screen or short journeys where battery hasn't chance to re charge I find they are a pain and turn them Off....
  2. jizzer

    Rear parking sensors

    Select reverse with ignition on get down on hands and knees and put ear to each sensor a healthy sensor emits a ticking noise .......
  3. jizzer

    Focus Mk2 2.0Tdci Starting Problem

    Are you waiting for the glow plug indicator light to go out .....has it started happening since the temp has dropped.... or a fuel pump issue .....I would change fuel filter fir starters.cheap option first
  4. jizzer

    Opinions On Bonnet Lip

    How come the before and after pictures have different lower front grilles ?. Quite like the one in the first picture before ...have you changed them
  5. jizzer

    Big Electrical Issues.

    Is battery good had batteries that were on their way out but not dead totally mess up electronics weird stuff warning lights etc
  6. jizzer

    Parking Sensors

    Ford dealers give them your registration number mine came body painted ...around 30 quid .. ish
  7. jizzer

    Parking Sensors

    Put in reverse with ignition on .....get down on hands and knees ...yes really put your ear to each sensor healthy sensors give a ticking noise .....that's what I did with mine noticing means duff sensor and gives long error tone on start up easy to fit mine came body colour from dealer too.
  8. jizzer

    Engine Cuts Out

    Maf ... mass air flow sensor had a Nissan did same coming to a rolling stop engine cuts try cleaner spray ...don't touch it its just a thin wire it's usually in line with air filter ...
  9. jizzer

    Anti Hijack

    Yep you can done it on mine bought elm 327 with switch off eBay around a tenner ...you can also choose what speed you want the doers to lock at too
  10. jizzer

    Change Wheels From 17 Inch To 18 Inch

    Not if you keep the rolling circumference the same bigger wheel smaller tyre shoulder
  11. jizzer

    Change Wheels From 17 Inch To 18 Inch

    I got good years from tyre giant order on net and choose fitting centre near you delivered to them and you pay fitting centre for total amount ...cheaper than anywhere I could find fitted
  12. jizzer

    Change Wheels From 17 Inch To 18 Inch

    P's just got 4 18 inch Goodyear eagle f1 fitted for £360
  13. jizzer

    Change Wheels From 17 Inch To 18 Inch

    I have 18 on as built and has steering rack restricter fitted turning circle is pants but 18 inch wheels look nice just check to see if yours needs it if up sizing wheels
  14. jizzer

    Low Coolant Level From New

    When the engine is cold I would top up to the minimum mark to give yourself a datum point ...drive a few hundred miles and check the level again when engine cold and on level ground ...if no movement I wouldn't worry but won't harm to keep an eye on it in future
  15. jizzer

    Door Locking

    I have done it you have to use eml software to enable it