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  1. hi, I m new to this so please be gentle ! I have just bought a focus 2007 1.8 tdci estate, love it but in a morning it doesn't like starting, though if on a hill with back end upit's ok. Been advised the fuel is running back over night maybe due to air getting in the pipe but no hole, can be found. Just wondering if anybody has had this or can help with ideas of possible causes ? There's a message on the dash saying engine system fault. Thanks
  2. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    Hi, no, its not the same light, this ones on the rev counter side, apparently its a general warning light.
  3. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    Hi, yes, it's been on the computer and shown no codes ! The light is a red circle with jagged edges and an exclamation mark in the middle. So far we have checked the turbo pipes, took the erg valve off and cleaned it, put a bottle of injector cleaner in it and it still runs slow, it's as if the turbo isn't coming in, when still you can rev it and the electric throttle body moves when it hits a certain high rev, should this move all the time, quite honestly I'm at a loss, had it at a diesel specialist today and he couldn't help, he checked all the fuses but everything was fine !! HELP........
  4. 1.6 Tdci Loss In Power... Again!! :(

    Yeah, it's not the same as the 1.6, thanks.
  5. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    Hi, no, no noises, we have put some injector cleaner in and it does seem a little better but not right, it's like it's lost it's oomph.
  6. 1.6 Tdci Loss In Power... Again!! :(

    Can anybody tell me where the turbocharger boost pressure regulator valve is located on a focus 1.8 tdci please, im having similar problems, thanks.
  7. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    Thanks, I have tried all the above and the code reader doesn't show any errors. Another thread mentions the turbo pressure accuator, does anybody know where that is located on the 1.8 tdci please ?
  8. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    an anybody help please ?
  9. Focus Tdci Power Loss

    hi, I a hoping somebody can help me. I have a 2006 focus 1.8 tdci, the red warning light came on and then the car started to lose power, it feels like the turbos not coming but its not smoking or losing oil and it runs fine on low revs and tick over, having looked at I the pipes seem ok on the turbo, the airflow metre is ok so I am at a bit of a loss what's causing it. Any help very much appreciated.