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  1. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Hi - local indipendant who was recommended by a few people has found a pump on a working car that is breaking, he will swap it out and do coding for £240, I have asked him to do oil/ filter and new belt fitted to fuel pump for an extra £55, so £295 all in. He said its a cracking engine so worth keeping. This includes towing the car to his garage also. Thats assuming it is the fuel pump of course!!!!!!!!
  2. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am biting the bullet and my mate is picking it up on Wednesday to have a look. I will set myself a budget and if the repair cost exceeds this I will sell the car for spares or repair. I can pick one up for around £600 so no point spending too much on it.
  3. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Hi I haven't had the codes rechecked since the auto electrician came out and tested initially. I am going to pass it over to my mate who owns an independent garage. One of his mechanics originally suggested not bothering fixing it at all though!
  4. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Hi To send the ECU for repair which is cheaper that swapping pump and unit out at somewhere like this: http://www.ecutesting.com/bosch_vp44_diesel_pump_repairs.html
  5. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    How easy is it to remove the ECU from the car without removing the fuel pump? I can see 2 of the wires that you cut but the other 2 are hidden out of the way. I assume it will be a ball ache crimping / soldering back in place whilst still fitted. Fuel filter didnt make any difference.
  6. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Yes - mate owns an Indie Garage, mobile bloke was out today to check the codes. How easy is it to prime the fuel filter? It has stood for a week if that makes any difference
  7. Dreaded Fuel Pump Failure On 2003 1.8 Tddi

    Like this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FUEL-FILTER-for-FORD-FOCUS-1-8-TDDi-DIESEL-from-1998-to-2005-/121097355813?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFocus&hash=item1c31f70225#ht_267wt_721
  8. Hi All Its my first post here so go gently with me! My wifes Focus clapped out last week and RAC squirted that easy start stuff and it started again. I had an Auto Electrician out today and the codes were confirmed as P1564, 1664, 1665,0335 and 0149, so confirms its the Fuel Pump I believe. The car is a good runner on 106K, I paid £1100 for it 18 months ago so it has served its purpose well so far. Would you recommend that I try the cheap (ish) option of just sending the ECU away to one of the many companies who refurb and send it back in a couple of days, or can you recommend somewhere to send the whole fuel pump / ecu combo to? I can probably get the ECU off myself (Auto electrician said make sure you cut all of the black wires at different lengths), but the pump would be a garage job ( I live in the North East). If I go for the full pump I assume I may as well have the timing belt done at the same time too. What are your experiences?