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  1. Tried a new control valve from a Ford dealer, no change. Fitted another control panel circuit board from a breakers, no change. Checked the voltage from it which ranged from 0 to 1 v. Obviously broken. Took it back and got another, checked the voltage, pulsing towards the cold setting, great. Fitted, no change. Checked the actuation of the new control valve with this new panel. no movement. Tried this new panel with the old removed control valve, movement, great, fitted, got hot and cold. Except back to front ! Remounted circuit board to temp switch correctly, success. Now returning duff control valve to Ford dealer. Surely it shouldn't be this difficult.
  2. My 99 Fiesta heater is stuck on hot. Replacing the control valve did not help. Checking the power to the control valve I get a steady 12v with the heater temp knob in either hot or cold positions. I don't think this is right. I believe the voltage should pulse in one of these knob positions. Mine doesn't. Can anyone confirm this should be so. Does this then mean the temp switch rheostat is broken. I believe it's possible to replace the circuit board for this switch rather than buy the whole console from Ford. Can anyone confirm this is possible and perhaps suggest where I may find one. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
  3. MK6 Fiesta rear wheel bearing.

    Replaced both of mine myself with no problems. Tapped them out with a drift and pushed the new ones in with a vice using appropriate sized spacers. Manual recommends using a new hub nut with a torque of 275 Nm. Really straightforward.
  4. Fiesta calipers

    I am after a pair of Mk4 Fiesta calipers (used with solid discs). Does anyone know if the calipers from Ka 96 on are the same, could I use those as I have found some of them. Thanks
  5. Twin 40 sealing problems

    I have used both the thin metal plate with single O ring slotted over the centre hole in the plate, and also the thick plastic spacer type with two seated O rings, front and back. Both systems work well. Its important to set the compressed rubber dougnut washers under the fixing nuts to the correct thickness to ensure the O rings are clamped with right pressure.
  6. Mk4 front suspension Rattle

    Could it be the front stab bar bushes ? You get a real rattle when they are worn.