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  1. Back To The Orignal

    Advise needed! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    Yeah they were. I've fitting just the usual simply because everyone wants £3-£4 for just 2. So I'll be looking on eBay for some soon :) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Ford OC mobile app
  3. Back To The Orignal

    Well guys, If you read my previous post your would see that I've been having trouble with the wiring loom behind my head unit. Well I've finally sorted that and fitted my Ripspeed touch screen from my old car. Now unlike my old car, the radio face is out by about an inch/half inch. And this really bugs me. All I wanted was my old radio so I could plug my AUX lead in and listen to whatever. So now I've decided I want to go back to the original. I've done my homework and looked about, I think I'm on track. I'm looking at fitting the radio and obviously refitting the dash. But.... I want to have a AUX lead on the original radio. So would this work? Would the adaptor go in there? Thanks in advance Sent from my Nexus 7 using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    Hit the nail on the head there sir! A pop down to halfords a few days back and actually found out why (sorry about the late reply!) Replaced them and bobs your uncle. I have music! Thanks for your help. As a newbie to the forum its greatly appreciated and I'm glad I signed up! Thanks
  5. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    i wouldnt think that there glowing as if they were going to blow but i am a complete dummy and i honestly dont know. one only comes on when the car has started and/or if i have actaully connected the radio. talk to me like a !Removed!, because i just dont undestand
  6. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    just checked the fuses, when plug the unit in, the fuse (I think its f14) glows. When I unplug all and start the engine fuse f44 (I think) glows. what am I doing wrong? HELP! :D
  7. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    So I took the option of buying the loom from a scrappy and then crimping the old to the new. I also got an adapter so I could just plug mine straight in. BUT... No power. Where am I going wrong?
  8. Help! Head Unit Wiring Loom Replacement

    I have looked at that previously that. The problem is, is it's the wiring going to the grey block. I've looked up the lead and can't see anywhere I can plug the black blocks in.
  9. Hi guys, The light behind the temp switch has gone and the other 2 seem pretty dim. How do I go about changing or replacing? what needs to be done? Cheers
  10. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and only yesterday got my Fiesta Zetec S. I hate the current (after market) CD player that is currently in there. So I went to change it to one I've had laying about for the past few weeks, when I discovered a problem. When the lad, or whoever before him, changed the radio, they cut wires rather then buying an adapter. The problem with this is they cut so close to the orignal block that I can't get any of the wires stipped enough so I could crimp it with the orignal wires and sort out this mess. So I am stuck on what to do now? Any advise would be great. Cheers. Rikki