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  1. Zetec S Badge

    Hi mate I'm after one of those badges aswell And I live in Chelmsford Any chance I could take one off your hands?? DM me? Cheers David
  2. I haven't got footwell lights in mine :/ I'm assuming they shouldn't be too difficult to fit?
  3. Yeah I've heard the osrams are good, think my brother has them in his golf and there pretty bright. Glad the de-tango of the indicators sounds easy, something I might bring forward rather than wait With the ambient lighting where abouts do you wire the led's above the glovebox? And where abouts do you wire up the footwell lights Please forgive all the questions I'm asking, first time I'm even doing the smallest of mods so wanna try and get as much info as I possibly can Cheers
  4. Hi Thanks for the ideas Nathan on the terms of lights What so you recommend going for in terms of the front lighting? And would I do the same for the back lights As well And de-tangoing the indicators is Defiantly something I want to do now after looking at yours and other fiesta lights Don't know why ford wouldn't do this as standard Thanks in advance David
  5. Hello all After having my fiesta for about a year now standard I really feel like the time is now to start doing a few bits to it I want to do a fair bit of modification so thought now is just a good time than any to start This is what I have in mind to start with: Armster arm rest - bit of comfort Wheels painted - anthracite Black Light brows Team heko wind deflectors - black Paint calipers gloss red DMB gel overlays Some red pinstripe around the car undecided atm Paint external plastics black Paint internal plastics - undecided whether to get painted black or red or get them carbon wrapped in black or red As you can guess a bit of a black/red theme going on Any thoughts are appreciated and if anyone has any other ideas please say as I'm open to mods from Fellow zetec s folks I'll keep you posted as the project comes along Cheers David
  6. Hi Anyone know where I can get the interior plastics on my ford fiesta zetec s either wrapped or sprayed around the essex area (South East England area) as I don't think I can do a good enough job and as I'm going be looking at it every time I get the in car I want it to look professional Cheers David
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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  8. New Member

    Thanks for the welcome guys could anyone point me in the right direction for cosmetic mods I can do to my zetec s mk7 Cheers in advance
  9. New Member

    Hi guys just signed up today, my names David from essex I have got a mk7 fiesta zetec-s and it's a beauty. Really interested in doing some mods and hopefully will gain an insight to what I can do on here Cheers