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  1. I know this topic has been covered ...but . . . as indicated previouly I removed the side panel in the passenger footwell. I was supposed to be looking at a vertical box-like affair but all I see is a small horizontal black box with a pipe (water ?) going in and a pipe coming out top right. its only about 6 inches or so. Surely this cant be it ? HELP !! John.
  2. Dashboard Rattle Solved!

    Fusion 06. Zetec. In hot weather a fairly a loud and constant rattle was emitted from the passenger side dash moulding, Ive read of others experiencing this. Try as I might I couldnt figure it. Long story short... The meeting line between the light coloured moulding which decends from the roof and the far left upper dash moulding...moves considerably when hot. Not so bad when cooled down. The solution was a small piece of black expanded foam (poly underlay) about 20mm X 15mm pushed into the narrow gap between the mouldings right by the windscreen. Its not noticable when in place. To be sure I put a piece in drivers side too. Problem over.. Deep Joy! J.
  3. A/c Or Not ?

    I helped my sister buy a 06 Fusion and then I bought an 06 Fusion for myself. My sister's A/C did not work at all and mine tok 20 minutes to get even coolish. In both cases a re-gas restored the A/C to full working condition. My car was checked for gas leaks..none were found. I wonder if its a general problem with this model especially a few years old. By the way... re-gas varies from £39 - £49. J.
  4. Power steering problem ??

    Thanks for the replies I didnt think that a 2004 Fiesta was that out of date mechanically. Im intrigued by the 'fuse' suggestion. I still have the problem, one suggestion is a slipping Power steering pump belt but I would have thought the Ford mechanics would have picked that up when they checked the steering recently . John.
  5. Power steering problem ??

    I thought Id posted this one recently...but cant find it ! The steering on my 04 1.4 petrol Fiesta Zetec doesnt feel right or positive any more, this in the last couple of months. The only clues Ive had is when turning the steering wheel smartly to a full lock I feel a sudden resistance which passes almost immediatly. The steering some times feels like it has a mind of its own...I know its sounds daft but its like all of a sudden I can feel all the ruts in the road. I have good tyres and the steering geometry has been checked at Fords recently. I can only think its the power steering but the fluid is at the correct level with no visible leaks. Any ideas before I go back to Fords once again. John.
  6. I have a 1.4 Fiesta Zetec. 04... 36000 miles. Last couple of weeks when I back out of my drive early morning then engage 1st gear on a right lock..there is momentary strong resistance in the steering. It passes almost immediatly and from that point all seem OK but Im concerned about it. Rain has been unrelenting but I dont see a connection. I guess id better to get the steering checked but no doubt it will be one of those problems that they cant diagnose easily as its not constant. Any ideas ? thanks J.
  7. a question no parts department can answer

    Thanks for the replies. I will investigate the leads. It is still strange to me that my previous Fiesta (the smaller type) did come with underbonnet insulation as standard...it too was petrol. John.
  8. This is my last effort to get an answer, hope someone can help. I wish to fit an under bonnet insulation pad to my 04 reg Petrol Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. This is purely for noise purposes. My previous Fiesta (former shape) had this facility. I understand that Fiesta Desiel models have the pad. Having phoned emailed etc etc I cannot get a straight answer . As far as it goes from parts suppliers: yes a pad will fit my car...but they cant be sure that it wise as it may cause overheating. (This was just one suggestion not a fact). As this model does not come with the pad as standard the feeling is 'perhaps there is a good reason for this'. Im hanged if Im going to pay £1 per minute on Ford Tech line when Im willing to pay out the £65 plus to buy the item. Do they want my business or what? Anybodys help would be most welcome. Many thanks John