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  1. Rear Reflector Replacement

    Never seen those before iantt, what are they and when can u get them from?? Thinking maybe screw head and a pair of mole grips to turn it.
  2. Rear Reflector Replacement

    I'm looking to replace the N/S/R reflector as somehow it snapped and I've been dying to fix it for a while. My question to those who have succeeded, HOW?? I cannot get my hand up inside to remove the second screw. The first was is fine but the second one, no chance. I can't get my hand in or have a tool to fit in to undo the screw. Please please please can someone assist. I've also tried to remove the bumper but fell at the first hurdle trying to remove the retaining clips for the firewall (material stuff in the wheel arches).
  3. I have the original W5W bulb with a LED pad attached to it. I've spliced into the original loom and had another LED pad on the other end. I've found the route of the problem, poor connections with the Scotchlocks as Gforce said.
  4. Cheers guys I've tried all that but no joy. I've ordered a bulb holder so will wire that up and hopefully that will work.
  5. Can anyone suggest?! I have attempted to fit an additional boot light, tapped into the existing loom using scotch locks but for some reason the new LEDs fail to work. Can anyone recommend anything? Cheers
  6. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    I've had two of these and broken both of them trying to fit the cowling back onto the steering column :(
  7. Ford Focus Mk2 Led Lights

    Artscot are those bulbs ones you have used? They dont look particularly good. Looks can be deceiving.
  8. Ford Focus Mk2 Led Lights

    On the note of side lights, what type are people using? I have tried led ones, not entirely sure where I got them from but one of them has failed and now looks like I'm a mobile disco.
  9. Will the dimmer from a C-Max fit. The code is the same but ends DA not BA like in Stoney's guide. I know that the mondeo one won't fit as its too big.
  10. Nice one. I've got a 06 Zetec climate and was hoping to fit one of these and then install led lighting and controll them from the dimmer switch.
  11. On the note of fitting a new headlight switch, will the dimmer control work if this is reto fitted?
  12. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    Jooceloosener seems to have a really quick turn around considering his location. Think I've come up with a plan. Try and fix the led ignition rings I have before buying any more else I'll get it in the neck. Has anyone fitted one of these to the mk8 fiesta? Think it'd look good in red with the red integrated lighting.
  13. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    The ignition ring from FocusEssentials is more expensive than jooceloosener and that doesn't include P&P. China all the way I guess, just need to find a source and I can save myself a fortune.
  14. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    No idea what I'm searching for and my Chinese isn't what it used to be. Tad rusty.
  15. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    Cheers for the heads up Lenny. Just spotted the glow in the dark one but wasn't sure how it would look. The led ignition rings are ever so slightly more than eBay. It's the postage that whacks the price up. Has one bought direct from China?