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  1. Performance exhaust for mk7 zetec 1.25

    Thanks for the HELPFUL advice, pay to be a supporter of this forum and instead of asking a simple question people decide to judge and make stupid comments.
  2. Performance exhaust for mk7 zetec 1.25

    As I said bud looking for a sporty sounding exhaust not performance.
  3. As the title suggests guys looking for a sporty sounding performance exhaust for an mk7 1.25 zetec, any suggestions? Preferably direct fit
  4. Meet Aberdeen???

    As title suggests, who wants to arrange a meet in Aberdeen??
  5. Hmmm I'm not sure in that case then!! With regards to the other question, if you over fill your car with oil it can cause damage to the internals of your engine. This is because oil is used to lubricate the internals of your engine. Oil cannot be compressed and too much will result in the excess oil "foaming" this will result in the oil not lubricating the internals properly however all this would only be a result of a massive overfill. Also as far as I am aware overfilling wouldn't result in less oil now! And with regards to the smell of oil, it may very well be old oil as it can take a while to completely burn off. Also its worth noting too much oil in your engine will cause low oil pressure, contrary to popular belief. Sorry I cant be more help with regards to the original question!
  6. I believe the sump will be part of the problem, It certainly should have sealer between the sump and the bottom of the engine. Is there any chance you may have over filled the oil at any point?
  7. Tow Bar Electrics

    Nope no plug!!
  8. Fiesta Not Starting

    It sounds as though its a battery related issue as above, however in more serious cases it could be that the alternator isn't charging the battery properly so this is something to check if the battery is okay. However I'm 90 percent sure going by the description you have given that it would be a battery fault.
  9. The sump needs to be sealed properly using the correct sealent. If this isn't done oil could seep out (since the oil is pressurized). So it may appear as though the sump has been fitted correctly but may not be sealed correctly. Jamie.
  10. introduction

    Welcome to the forums mate! glad you've loved your ford! Jamie.
  11. Things I Do Like

    I do like knowing I currently have no outstanding balance to pay on my Snap On account!
  12. New Member

    Welcome :)
  13. Low Oil Pressure Warning Fiesta 1.0 62 Plate

    I dont think weather would affect it. As above id check the oil level using the dipstick.
  14. Number Plate Postion

    As an ex cop i can honestly say you will get pulled over because of that.
  15. I am looking for a set of tailored leather seat covers for my mk7 ford fiesta 3dr. has anyone tried tailored seat covers and what is your thoughts about them?