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  1. First Service

    so my 1litre tit x is due its first service 12 months its done 4400 miles how much should I be looking at ?
  2. Goodbye All

    how much do you want for your spare and jack etc ?
  3. Who Does The Least Driving Per Year?

    had mine since the end of October and have done 1564 miles
  4. Top Gear!

    he over priced the Fiesta a bit £17000 and not Blunt again
  5. How Long

    the car was standard and he has been told he will get a new car this is normal with most insurance policies
  6. How Long

    My friend wrote his new 6 month old car off just after Christmas. He hit standing water clipped the curb and rolled. As he is the first owner/keeper he should get a new car but every time he calls his insurance they keep putting him off and saying they will call him back but never do. so how long should the process take ?
  7. Quickclear And Fuel Economy

    I believe some Landrovers had it as well
  8. have you changed the spark plugs ?
  9. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I get around 37 mpg but mine is nearly all on a cold engine short journeys I have done just over 1000 miles and hope it will improve as the milage goes up
  10. Just Joined

    Hi my name is John and I have a 63 plate Fiesta titanium x was delivered last Wednesday and love it this is the first time I have had a brand new car my previous car was a Focus st170
  11. Titanium X

    I just joined to say my ecoboost titanium x was delivered last Wednesday I can give you the reg if you like to prove it