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  1. @O2sports @mrdavidhaye ain't wasting money on a 2 minute fight again. Who are you fighting?👀

  2. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    the only kits I can find which seem legit are on HIDS4U circa £90-100 ....
  3. RT @NOT_MOTD: Throwback to when tackles like this weren't even a yellow card. https://t.co/XZ8EDjsV4E

  4. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    haha fair enough - what are you using at present the standard bulbs? just out of interest where did you order the kit from
  5. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    do they osrams produce a similar light effect to xenons?
  6. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    What hid kit did you get? have you got the brand and how much did it cost - I HATE the yellow look I get from my bulbs so old school.
  7. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    Ahh I see! what focus do you have? it looked like you have a Zetec s which I thought came with halogens.
  8. Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    Your new HID kit have you still got Halogens in a reflector unit? or have you replaced the whole units? if not what bulbs are you using ????
  9. Headlight Bulb Recommendation

    apparently these are quite orangery to look at (according to Halfords) website anyway.... can you stick a pic up?
  10. image

    Looks good mate. How have you got the double exhaust there, is it functional?
  11. Speedometer Reading

    Okay thanks. well ill sit tight for a few weeks hoping I get nothing through the post! and ill take a little spin tonight with a satnav reading.
  12. Speedometer Reading

    Hi, Was driving round the country over the weekend and im starting to think I may of been done by a Speed camera. I think its just me over thinking. However.... Just a quick question, does anybody know if the Speedometer in the Focus Zetec S 14 plate or any ford for that matter gives an accurate reading? I have read online that most speedo's will say you are doing 70mph when in fact you are doing 64mph (10% + 1). Is this true? Cheers, James
  13. Black & Red Edition Focus

    Ahh okay doesn't seem so appealing. thought they would've given this model a slightly better spec. Especially for the price.
  14. Black & Red Edition Focus

    Oh really, ive seen a video on youtube from the Geneva motor show and it showed them having projectors? Is it possible they will have different light fittings in different countries??
  15. Black & Red Edition Focus

    Hi All, I have seen Ford will be releasing the Black and red edition focuses similar to the Fiesta style. Just wanted to know if anyone knows if these cars will have the projector bi-xenon headlights or the boring halogens? I cant seem to find a specification for the models, apart from what's on the Ford website which only tells me about colour of seats and engine size. Cheers! James