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  1. I feel pretty stupid but I couldn't find it... I looked for around 20 minutes and even went so far as to put my head in the glovebox with a light to try and get a better look but not luck :( I noticed that my aux wiring cable (4 pin connector plug with a red tip) goes straight through to the Sony 6CD Head unit without entering the glovebox proper. It just skirts around the top edge near where the glovebox door would close. On this aux cable there is another connector attached, this time a 6 pin connector with a red tip. I'm guessing this is for USB? I saw on the talkford forum that someone had a problem with the same wiring type as me, where they couldn't hear the sound from Bluetooth audio streaming but could see the song titles on the stereo head unit. Their suggestion was to purchase Ford part 1667645 (Ford Focus Mk2.5 Retrofit Harness to connect between the harness and the stereo, with a plug for the BT/VC module and a plug for the microphone). Does this sound like it is the correct solution to my problem? Thanks all for your help with this one.
  2. Also stupid question but what does the loop connector look like? My glove box is out of the car at the moment so I can take a look...
  3. Just checked the pins on the Bluetooth module connector and could barely make them out, sorry :(. Would the above information be enough to go off of?
  4. Ok I will check the pin out on the Bluetooth module connector today and let you know. I believe the radio is the factory installed unit. As such are you saying that I do in fact have the right wiring in the car and that I just need to find it and change it around?
  5. The firmware version is 05-03-02. The aux wiring goes into the stereo as I have never had a Bluetooth module until yesterday. As a result I'm guessing I have the older wiring loom design? You mentioned changing the wiring. Would that be the case of buying a new part or doing a rewire myself? Though I would prefer not to spend more money I would most likely try to buy a new part unless it's a simple change as I don't know much about rewiring things! Would the aforementioned universal patch wiring loom part no. 1467152 be suitable for this?
  6. Not sure as yet, haven't tried. Will look for more wiring today.
  7. Also found to my disappointment that there is no wiring in the cabin light area for the microphone to plug into. Do I need something else? :(
  8. Hi James, I can go check again now and report back. My car doesn't have any Bluetooth technology fitted at all, so this is going in from scratch. Cheers!
  9. Really sorry to resurrect this old thread! I've been trying to go through this upgrade in my 2008 Focus ST-3 but have run into difficulty and would really appreciate some advice. So I was following this guide for reference: Bluetooth fitting guide: (thanks to DaveRushton) http://dc121.4shared...BX/preview.html On first inspection of the car I thought I already had the appropriate wiring loom coming out of the Sony 6CD head unit, so I went ahead and bought the Bluetooth module, bracket, microphone and steering column music control stalk. Now that all the parts are here though I have realised that I don't have any connections to attach to the Bluetooth module in the glove box area! It looks like I was mistaken and the head unit does not have the brown and white wires mentioned in the guide, so it looks like I've been a bit of a plank! My question is, if I buy the "part no 1467152 this is a patch loom for universal fit." referenced in the guide, will this be all I need or do I need to now invest in a few more bits to get this working? (For reference, so far I have these parts: Focus 2008-Module Bluetooth BT/VC+ USB Connect (with Voice Activated Module English)Part Number: 1754709(AU7T-19C112-AT) (QTY1)Focus 2008 (+)"GB" 2.5L Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 3 Door RHD Steering Control Stalk (With Audio Controls) Part Number: 1318965(QTY1)Focus 2008 (+)"GB" 2.5L Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 3 Door RHD Microphone Part Number: 1363463Focus 2008 (+)"GB" 2.5L Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 3 Door RHD Module Bracket Part Number: 1353218Thanks to anyone who can help me out and again, sorry to resurrect something so old! Just getting concerned that I've bitten off more than I can chew!