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  1. Car Still Overheating

    Well it needs replacing regardless so I'll do that in the morning but as you say I got no battery light and power steering fine
  2. Car Still Overheating

    Yh I'm gonna sort that tomorrow, it's not been squealing tho, could it be slipping but not making a noise??
  3. Car Still Overheating

    Ok this completely slipped my mind and I've just remembered now, when I had the water pump done when I picked the car up the bloke said that when he went to take the slack of the drive belt the tensioner was really loose and it wouldn't tighten up properly after he'd finished so he said he'd put some lock tight on it but advised me to replace the tensioner, in all the stress of figuring out the overheating I completely forgot, it's a long shot but could a faulty belt tensioner be causing the problem??
  4. Car Still Overheating

    I thought air lock at first but since then I've drained the coolant, flushed the system and re-filled slowly abit at a time while squeezing all the pipes
  5. Car Still Overheating

    I got the pump done at a guys garage that a bloke at work recommended, I'm not sure if bled properly as I didn't stay there when the work was being done. I didn't think the focus had any bleed screws/valves??
  6. Car Still Overheating

    Yes, well bottom hose got warm I wouldn't say hot, but all others pretty hot
  7. Car Still Overheating

    Right just a quick update, changed CHT sensor and still saying overheating😡😡 I guess next step is the PCM update by Ford 💸💸
  8. Car Still Overheating

    Ok thanks for the info and just to let u know I haven't been able to go 60 mph since it started overheating I can bearly get to 45mph before the temps in the red
  9. Car Still Overheating

    Ok I'll have a check in the morning as cars locked up the the garage now, cheers for the info I'll let u know the outcome
  10. Car Still Overheating

    I'm not sure which pipes u mean?
  11. Car Still Overheating

    Yeah good hot air in car, I'll do sensor when I get paid, I rang Ford and a PCM upgrade is £90 so was gonna do that as a last resort as found a brand new radiator on e-bay for £40 and yeah left thermostat in when did the flush. Which other pipes should be hot?
  12. Car Still Overheating

    No I just finished work but as soon as I got back after the temp gauge jumping up and down the whole way back and fans going mad checked the hoses and the top hose was hot and the bottom hose and rad was cold
  13. Car Still Overheating

    At the top, I put the new one in exactly how the old one was
  14. Car Still Overheating

    It does seem as tho the thermostats not opening but that was the first thing I changed?? I suppose it could of been a duff but I didn't bother checking it before fitting it as it was brand new out the box and people are telling me the thermostat must be working or else I wouldn't be getting heat from fans inside the car, is this true?
  15. Car Still Overheating

    So do you thinks it's cold because a blockage is stoping the coolant getting there or the rads shot?