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  1. The following website is slow and full of popups but has lots of info, use the Next Page button to scroll forward from the page link below; https://workshop-manuals.com/ford/focus_2004.75_07.2004/mechanical_repairs/5_body_and_paint/501_body_and_paint/501-18_convertible_top/description_and_operation/convertible_top/
  2. The power for the devices you have mentioned are fed from the Ignition Relay R8 in the engine bay fusebox. It would be worth rechecking the associated fuses for this F12 (40A) & F25 (10A) Next easiest step would be to remove the relay R8, turn the ignition on but don't start the engine. Slowly refit the relay to see if you can hear/feel the relay click, this will prove the the control circuit for the relay. The relays are very reliable but it might be worth swapping it with another to see if the fault moves. The attached diagram may help. Good luck. PwrDist09Focus.pdf
  3. The A/C DTC P1460 is telling you that there is an unexpected signal or no signal in the circuit between the relay coil (R3) and the PCM. The first check would be that you have battery voltage at the relay R3 base pin 1. The most likely cause is a break in the White/Orange wire between the Power Distribution Box and the PCM. The wire, being a signal wire is thin and has probably broken although the outside of the wire may be intact. Visibly check the wiring, the break usually occurs at bends or where it joins other parts of the wiring loom.
  4. Check BJB fuse 12 (40A) All power you have missing comes via above fuse and Ignition relay.
  5. If you have aircon, check the cooling fan resistor is not open circuit.
  6. For my own curiosity I looked into what you are trying to do, seems to come down to a few things that are different between the 1999 Fiesta and 1997 Puma. 1 VSS / cable operated speedo. 2 Coolant temp. sensor wiring. 3 Instrument cluster And the engine loom and ECU which you've swapped over already. Did the instrument cluster come with the engine and I presume you're using the Puma gearbox with the cable operated speedo drive?
  7. The picture doesn't seem to match your description. You have a fusebox with C2 & C3 (both 20 pin connectors) and a loom with C1, C2 & C3 connectors (16pin connectors). Do you want to try to mate the loom to fit the fusebox?
  8. Power connector for optional features. Electric windows and Power sunroof.
  9. The attached shows both 2013 and 2014 wiring for the rear wiper. As you have a RJB you have 2014 wiring. What checking have you done re fuse 85? is there power to the fuse and have you connected the camera with a piggyback connector to this position? Rear wipe.pdf
  10. Check BCM fuse 85, provides RJB R3 relay coil power.
  11. You have assumed the front parking lamps / sidelights are operational but you probably wouldn't notice if you have the headlamps on. First cheapest and easiest option would be to replace the switch.
  12. Remove the cooling fan resistor mounted close to the fan. It just unclips. Check the coil (resistor) is attached to the connector. Mine failed, one of the spot welds detached.
  13. I'm really not up on Mondeo's. Do you have a flashing immobiliser light on the dash / instrument cluster as well as the immobiliser active message? If so they usually flash rapidly if there is a key fault then flash a 2 digit code
  14. Fuse 10 in the Engine fusebox might be a good place to start, should be a 10A fuse if I'm looking at the right circuit!
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