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    rev and power loss

    You don't have a MAF so its not that ! Get the codes read and reset, a code reader or USB/Bluetooth OBD device is a good cheap investment if you want to do it yourself.
  2. Don't use grease or any lubricant on the plastic bearing. Should you play around with the TCU, never select reverse gear first off. Always select a forward gear so make sure you work on it where you can drive it forwards afterwards.
  3. Disconnect the battery when bleeding brake system with ABS. Just the battery ground is sufficient.
  4. F1, bottom left 15A
  5. Dan62

    Mk 6 Fiesta Door Lock Control (GEM)

    GEM configuration is required for 3/5 door models, you can do it using FORScan with extended licence. As for GEM type, a Cx GEM would have been the correct one to use but they are rare. The Dx type has double locking / alarm in addition to remote cl but should work without issue, again looks like you can turn off double locking with FORscan.
  6. Dan62

    Ford Fiesta Finesse Key Fob Help

    There are 4 GEM types fitted to the Fiesta; A - vehicles with manual unlocking B - vehicles with central locking C - vehicles with central locking and remote control D - vehicles with central/double locking, anti-theft warning system and remote control Letter is second from last digit of the GEM part number. Easiest way to check if you have RCL (type C or D GEM) The interior lights are dimmed on and off with the GEM variants Cx and Dx.
  7. Could be relay or connector. Relay is K45 and fuse is F65 on the attached pic.
  8. Dan62


    Its an LED and attached to the cluster. Would be worth removing the cluster and checking that the led hasn't been covered with tape or blu-tak, The cluster might have LED's that are unused which you might be able to unsolder and swap over.
  9. The resistor is usually mounted next to the fan, does the fan have a 6 pin connector connecting it to the wiring harness with only 2 wires in it ? Resistor is only if you have A/C, not sure for Focus's but the resistor was removed from Fiesta's around this era so fan was just a single high speed fan if A/c was installed or not.
  10. Dan62

    wont start

    Check for 12 volts at fuses 14,15,16 and 20 (key does not need to be in). Do not remove the fuse from the fuse-board, just probe the metal pins ether side of the number printed on the fuse. Also check fuse 38 (as above) with ignition key in position II
  11. Dan62


    Looks like a standard 80's-90's alternator, three different current rated ones fitted depending on engine and features. The attached might be of some use. Good luck. mustang.pdf mustang1.pdf mustang2.pdf mustang3.pdf mustang4.pdf mustang5.pdf mustang6.pdf
  12. I would go for the shift actuator mounted on the front of the gearbox first, and the TCU / clutch actuator if that doesn't fix it. The TCU clutch actuator is the box mounted by the inner wheel arch.
  13. Agree with Kieran, if your burning oil replace the plugs as well
  14. The shift actuator is a known problem and there is a detailed fix here I have done quite a few and its not difficult. The TCU and clutch actuator is a combined unit and again there is info about it on various other posts. As you have seen, there are companies offering to do the job for you if you don't want to do it yourself.
  15. Odd that all 4 spark but 2 don't make a difference when removed. The leads and plugs are wired as 2 pairs, 1 coil of the coilpack for plugs 1&4 and the other coil for 2&3. Looking at the engine from the front of the car with cyl. 1 being on the left and cyl. 4 on the right, which 2 don't make a difference when removed ? The cambelt was a bit of a longshot and hopefully it has been changed.
  16. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    Borrow or buy a car battery charger, or get a jump start. Failing that just buy a new battery.as it probably going to be the battery after all.
  17. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    At this point it doesn't mean a lot other than its below 12. Charge the battery as above and hopefully you can get it to start. Do the test again, before starting and then when the engine is running, you should see the voltage is higher when its running, that would prove if the alternator is working.
  18. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    Doubt it, more likely to be the battery has had its day.
  19. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    The oil pressure light will be on if the engine is not running. When you try to start the car, because the starter motor is drawing a lot of power it is causing the relays to click and lights to flash. Don't worry about that ! Here is how you use the instrument cluster to check the battery voltage, at step 3 you'll need to press it approx. 24 times until the display reads "batxxx" the xxx being the battery voltage. Self-Diagnostic Mode Note: The instrument cluster tripmeter reset button is located on the right-hand side of the instrument cluster lens. 1. To enter the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode simultaneously press and hold the tripmeter reset button and turn the ignition switch to position II. 2. When TEST is displayed in the LCD, release the tripmeter reset button. 3. To navigate through or skip any of the instrument cluster self-diagnostic mode tests press the tripmeter RESET button. If the reset button is depressed for more than 3 seconds between tests, the instrument cluster will exit the self-diagnostic mode. 4. The self-diagnostic mode is deactivated when the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position.
  20. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    OK, that's a good start. So you didn't see the battery light come on when you last drove it ? Its possible to be the alternator not charging the battery but until you can get the engine running you can't diagnose that. Charge the battery with a mains charger, from your above description its low on charge. Seeing you have a low maintenance battery, first remove the battery cell covers and check that there is fluid above the the cell plates. If you have jump leads and another vehicle you could try jump starting it. If you have a multimeter, check the battery voltage and if you get it to start check it again with the engine running. If you don't have a multimeter there is a dash diagnostic mode to read the battery voltage.
  21. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    As mentioned above, its not a simple job mainly because of limited access. Try and go through what is happening or not, and when the fault first occurred. Do the general electrics work, radio, lights etc ? Does the immobiliser light stop flashing when the key is turned to position II Do you hear the fuel pump whirring when the key is in position II Do you hear any relays clicking ? etc etc.
  22. Dan62

    how do i access the alternator for fiesta mk6.5

    How did you diagnose it as an alternator fault ?
  23. Dan62

    alternator? battery? or both?

    Before you bin the battery it would be worth checking the battery cell electrolyte levels. Even on a "sealed" battery you can usually do this by removing the label on the top to expose the cell covers.
  24. Dan62

    wont start

    You are spot on Lee, unfortunately when the OP can't be bothered to mention if such things as the sidelights, radio, interior light, door locking etc are working or not you have to start at the beginning. I have seen on too many occasions after ploughing through wiring diagrams to find it was the battery all along. If he has a code reader the saying "All the gear, no idea" springs to mind.
  25. Going more by the sound the engine is making and no mention of engine management light being on I assume you have not checked or had it checked for fault codes. Do you know the service history, I wonder if its the original cam belt and it has slipped.