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  1. Pats Module Fault

    thats great stuff, really handy to have
  2. Pats Module Fault

    Wow how did you get that picture? That would save me tonnes of searching! Its the part between 6 and 7 its a triangular piece that slide up and down but on the inside its plastic, and its the plastic piece that was missing so iv replaced it now with another
  3. Pats Module Fault

    Ah mines failed on rear brake pads, handbrake cable, anti roll bar dust cap, nearside brake light out, and the previous owner changed the front parking lights to blue so failed me on that too, drivers door handle not correctly opening, and my steering column, who ever had the car before me must have took the gear box and what not out and about the uj to the steering column theres a triangular piece with a piece of white plastic in it, well thats dropped out and they havent put it back in so they was about 4 in of play in the steering wheel either way before it actually turned the wheels so iv replaced that! So a productive day
  4. Pats Module Fault

    Right guys manage to sort it out infact it wasnt the injector pump or sensor, but just the pipe from egr to intercooler that was split and with the added air being sucked it was sending all the sensors nuts, and driving like a dog with its nuts tied! But took it for its mot and bang FAILURE, failed on a few things so spent best part of today sorting it out so retest this week
  5. Pats Module Fault

    Cheers guys much appreciated i will give him a call in the morning and see what he thinks
  6. Pats Module Fault

    when he first connected it up he said for it to fire up it means you have a virgin ecu which means the codes are blank so will pair up to any others, so nothing needed coding! But then i ran it to the shops and back and noticed it was hesitant and the eml came on so called him back out and he put his fault code computer on it and it came back with those
  7. Pats Module Fault

    Ok so after running it for a while the EML came on so got the auto electrician out again and the following faults came up injection meter reading injection pressure low injection pump He said to put some diesel in it with some injection cleaner take it for a run if that doesnt help then its going to cost a small fortune to fix didnt think i could get anymore bad luck
  8. Pats Module Fault

    So got the auto electrician out and because it fires straight up he said its a virgin ecu which means its blank so he said he doesnt need to touch it so just had to pay the call out fee
  9. Pats Module Fault

    Me too! But going to get the auto electrician out just to be on the safe side
  10. Pats Module Fault

    right guys great news fitted the new ecu in and central locking unit and switched the key fobs over and BAM it starts right up, every turn of the key the immobiliser goes off the car started up but I have been told 2 things one that the pumps and injectors will need recoding to the new ecu, but someone who works on only fords has told me that if it has started up then its the same codes because if it wasn't the same codes the immobiliser would go off but the car wouldn't start which it has so he said I was very lucky in the fact its all got the same codes! but do I get the auto electrician out just to be on the safe side?
  11. Pats Module Fault

    Ya think thats what ill do and just get another key cut for backup!
  12. Pats Module Fault

    Funny you should just say that, the brother in law has just rang to say we will do that today, and hopefully get the auto electrician out
  13. Pats Module Fault

    Funny you should just say that, the brother in law has just rang to say we will do that today, and hopefully get the auto electrician out
  14. Pats Module Fault

    No the original key matches up with the ecu, all the codes matched, but for some reason it wasnt reading them correctly so he ran a test on it and it came back pats module fault,
  15. Pats Module Fault

    the ecu i purchased yesterday only has 1 key with it and not the matching locks just the 3 fob key the matches the ecu so when i purchase the locks ill then have 2 seperate keys