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  1. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    I beleave its the clutch i done a test by jacking up one wheel without start turning it around you can feel it locked into gear and this is a video with the car running.
  2. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    yep your right there i will get i clutch kit tomorrow and try that first will update when done
  3. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    This is a video from youtube. My car is doing the exactly the same as this he saying he has a f**ked clutch
  4. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    could it be a blown clutch
  5. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    Hi yer there is a slight less of a noise when clutch is in it fills fine the same as it was. Its not the drive shafts iv checked them and the gear selecter is moving i will try and add a video of that. in the video starts in nutral 1 through to 6 the reverse
  6. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    Hi thanks for the reply i will go and have another look with someone but i no when moveing to gear stick everything seems normal all smooth. I will check the drive shafts but theres no noises what so ever but it might be them whos no with out looking. I will up date soon with my findings
  7. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    thats what i was thinking but how would i check
  8. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    no worries mate do you has any ideas? or anyone have any
  9. Wont Drive In Any Gear 6 Speed Manual

    hi thanks for the reply but it nothing to do with that because if you think about it on a manual if the clutch had gone you can still put the car in gear and then start and drive off still, but with mine you put the car in gear with the clutch up and start does nothing dosent move at all
  10. hi all new to the form right where do i start lol, well iv lost all drive on my ford 53 plate mondeo 2.0 tdci 6 speed manual, you start the car put the clutch in select any gear lift the clutch and nothing no nocks or bangs no weird noises. it just stopped working, the car had new clutch and dual mass flywheel last year been driving fine biting point was nice and low where a new clutch should be, no expense has been spared what needed doing i had done and would really like to have her back on the road. iv checked the gear linkage so far and everything looks fine all moving as they should. can anyone help with the problem and give me some ideas on what to check, it would be a massive help.
  11. hi there im just asking where and how much it is to recode my injectors ?
  12. ok thanks. if i do need the diagram where would i get that from ?
  13. ok thanks i will check them tomorrow. if they are ok what else could i check ? the pcm? relay?
  14. hi its not head gasket. everything is fine. i cleaned out egr valve today and that sorted the egr valve fault code the other code i got left is p0670 glow plug module control Circuit. and thats keeping it in limp mode but i dont no what to fix
  15. ok i will take it to the garage and do that one. one thing i would let to no. can i take to intercooler pipe off the side of the egr and manifold and use wynnes egr cleaner to clean it as i dont have to time atm to take the car apart. i say this as my car is in limp mode at the mo and got an egr valve fault code