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  1. Gearbox Grinding

    I've spoken with a gearbox specialist in Halifax this afternoon who seems to think that it will be the Input Shaft Bearing which will be £20-£30? Apparently the MTX-75 is fairly bulletproof and doesn't tend to have any issues?
  2. Gearbox Grinding

    Yeah, there's a faint noise at idle which stops when clutch is in. The noise isn't really noticeable tbh until your accelerating or letting the car slow down in gear, that's when it's at it's loudest and it stops as soon as you dip clutch.. revving it in gear but clutch it doesn't replicate noise either. How much would a recon box be for the 1.8 TDCI's, roughly?
  3. Gearbox Grinding

    Yeah slave cylinder was changed and it was makin that much of a noise before the DMF was changed im not sure tbh. Its got progressively worse since like and now getting very loud, but a different noise to what the dmf was giving if that makes sense
  4. Gearbox Grinding

    My TDCI is making a grinding noise when driving in any gear, normally above 20MPH. Only happens when accelerating or holding speed and stops as soon as the clutch is dipped. It's more noticeable when the car is slowing down or accelerating and it sounds like a grinding/raspy noise which matches the engine speed is getting louder the longer I'm leaving it without repair. It's had a new clutch/DMF about seven months ago so I'm thinking it's the gearbox? Noticed today that when it's stood idling it's making a very faint rattly noise which stops when the clutch is pressed. Any ideas what it could be and/or if it's likely to be the box?
  5. Formidable Is Bit Strange

    I've just got home and plugged in my F-Super 2 lead and installed Formidable, but when connected to the car there's a few things that seem a bit... well, odd? With the car idling RPM, MAP, APP1 2 and 3, MFdes, CHT and BET are all showing '0'. The injectors aren't returning any codes and the fuel level is showing 21% although it's got 3/4 of a tank left. The most curious though, it the 'odometer' reading is wrong by about 1000 miles? Am i doing something wrong? I've selected the right car when loading Formidable. Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    For the love of God, make sure that car is spot on before you buy it! I got mine from Evans Halshaw and they will make your life hell if you need any repairs out of them.. trust me! :(
  7. Formidable Results

    Has anyone got any formidable data results for a mk2.5 1.8 tdci that i can compare against? Cheers!
  8. Poorly 1.8 Tdci

    I've just had the codes read and i'm getting - U1900 - Apparently i can ignore this one? P0704 - Clutch switch (my fault, was kinda expecting this one) U2023 - Unknown?? I've Googled the last one and i'm a bit confused. Apparently this could be an ABS sensor, but at the same time, as the ESP is lit and remain on this could be a hose between turbo and intercooler.. Could anyone offer any advise to try and define which one it could be? I'm kinda thinking the hose makes sense, as it makes a whistley noise, immediate area around car when it's running STINKS and last couple of days, the jerkiness when putting foot on accelerator when moving off from a crawl is just unbelievably bad! Cheers!
  9. Poorly 1.8 Tdci

    No, this all started when i left the house this morning. I'm looking for somewhere now to get it in and get the codes read.
  10. Poorly 1.8 Tdci

    Hi all, Got an 09 plate Focus 1.8 TDCI and this morning the ESP lights come on and remained on for 200 miles. I've turned car off and back on, but the light still remains. I'm guessing that this is down to a sensor at one of the wheels, but what i don't understand is that at practically the same time, every time i foot my foot on the accelerator (when the car is moving) and apply ANY degree of pressure, the car violently lurches as if it's been hit from behind and then carries on accelerating as normal? Also, coming down the motorway this morning, the cabin STUNK of fumes. I'm guessing the last two are not connected to the ESP light, but has anyone any ideas whats going on??
  11. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    Brilliant, cheers Vee.
  12. 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

    Hi Steads and newby.. I'm having exactly the same problem with mine! It started stuttering at 60 but like Steads, it would get better as soon as you went faster/slowed down.. but now it also does it at 30 and again it vanishes as soon as you speed up or slow down! Have either of you got any closer to finding out what's causing it? I'm not sure about the injector leaking, i will have a look tonight. UPDATE - I've checked and i can't see any signs of the injectors leaking, so i've got no idea what the problem is.