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  1. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    Nice one Matt very nice car :D

    My monster engine despite not having 80 on the clock yet will drink BP Ultimate - it's had £25 put in already at £1.16 per litre, maybe we'll have to wait for an invasion of Saudi Arabia before it gets cheaper
  3. My Fiesta Zetec - ETA: 15 minutes!

    Yes indeed I.P. I agree on the lights front - I'll do it in due course/when I've paid for Christmas! Thanks for putting the pics up too :)
  4. My Fiesta Zetec - ETA: 15 minutes!

    Thanks J87/Skully/Gaz Gaz not to worry - in 18 months or so when we all stuck on Mk7s you'll be buying the Mk8 B)
  5. My Fiesta Zetec - ETA: 15 minutes!

    Hello again folks, Chris was right was too busy enjoying it/visiting people yesterday so didn't get online! I absolutely love it, as does anyone that has seen it :D I was sitting in the car with the girlfriend in her driveway before I drove it with her in it for the first time, two elderly gentlemen in what'd I'd describe as late 70s were out walking, stopped at the bottom of the driveway, began to walk up towards it and proceeded to tell me how "lovely" the thought it was, and how they wished be "health and good luck with it" - was very nice of them! So I only actually got time to take a few photos and sadly they are at night and taken VERY quickly as I was afraid I'd be locked in the complex! I'll take some day shots soon as I've got a 4 day weekend B) allllriiight :D Tried to insert the photos by linking to a Google Picasa Account I created but forum bot told me: "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is:" etc etc So here's the link: Pistol's Mk7
  6. newbie

    Yes welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum :D
  7. Afternoon all! After a rather small wait I must say, delivery date is here! Literally collecting it in 15 minutes! Will post my impressions later!!! Peter B)
  8. Why park next to me?

    Yeah has to be said you shouldn't just key someone's car - I understand your dilemma - though I wouldn't have keyed his car - I'd have waited for him - and questioned him on it - problem is - he comes back and says prove you didn't drive into my car - and you can't? Then what? There will always be arseholes in the world but karma will find it's way round to them ;) There should definitely be punishment brought in for people who can't park or park inconsiderately/in disabled only parking bays - If I had it my way, Terry Tatewould be lying in wait for you double parking offenders... Peter B)
  9. Changing Light Bulbs

    Thanks stef/harweyko: Hopefully all will make more sense the more I read around the forum - or if BigJock/rocky1722 are reading they'll throw in their 2pence! B) Peter
  10. Changing Light Bulbs

    Mark M.K. : Great work, really appreciate that - that's exactly the info I was after B) If anyone would like to add their thoughts on the whiter look light ideas and what products specifically would use then I'd be much obliged! Thanks, Peter
  11. Changing Light Bulbs

    Hello all, can anyone provide a concise list that they wouldn't mind spending a few mins on detailing what a H7 bulb and match it up to the relevant light setting i.e. H7 = sidelights or whatever? Firstly I want to say I've had a read through Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7 but between "dipped beam" "main beam" "h7" "h4" "w5w" "sidelight" full beam" - I'm a bit confused I feel like a dog chasing it's tail! I'm using Sunday to compile a list of products to buy to ehance the look of my car when it arrives and am focussing on lighting... I'm proposing that if this thread proves useful as a resource for everyone then we could possibly have it pinned or someone with, but let's see... I want to change the following about my car, I've put in a confused face at the points where I'm asking for your help for confirmation or description: Headlight Unit: Philips Xtreme Power (H7 OR H4?! ) What goes where, i.e. which bulb for dusk (sidelights), which for driving at night (dipped beam?) and which for country A/B roads at night (i.e.where blue light in dash is on - full beam I call it) Front Indicators: Philips Silvervision PY21W £14.50 - I'm ok with this no confusion :) Rear Indicators: Philips Silvervision PY21W £14.50 - I'm ok with this no confusion :) Number Plate Lights: White LED Bulbs for Rear Reg Plate Lights Map Reading Light: Same as Number Plate Light? Footwell Light: Same as Number Plate Light? Finally, all recommendations can I ask that they be fully UK road legal? From the reading I've done Philips seem to be make the best bulbs; my priorities are not dazzling oncoming traffic whilst providing a further "reach" from my lights enabling me to see further and be seen sooner! Ideally if anyone could suggest the products I'm after (no need for links I can do the hunting! But wouldn't say no :) ) that'd be great - e.g. for your Dipped beams get Philips H* for your indicators get etc etc I'm not after a "boy racer" look, but I would like a white light not that yellowy creamy colour. Thanks chaps, Peter
  12. Looking to get the MK7

    Did I get ripped off?!!! £12145: Scrappage applied so £10145. Zetec 1.25 Frozen White 3 dr Auto Headlights/Wipers Priv. Glass Bluetooth w/USB CityPack Second Remote Key. compared to what you driving about in for £155 more? And I haven't got Service Plan/Gap arranged yet. Dan you must have worn a short skirt? What's your secret?
  13. Stolen

    These people have little deterrent, hence why they can strike the fear into people in the first place. Would help if Police were armed,what sort of Police force isn't armed?!
  14. Stolen

    Sorry to hear that Alex, indeed !Removed! news. Hope as other have said you have new for old in the first year and you get sorted. *Warning* Rant alert* The justice/sentencing for the U.K. is nothing short of appalling. There is very little deterrent to these scumbags - lets say they are somehow caught - they may be put in jail for a short period to endure decent accommodation and go to gym, study at the library,then leave <cheers taxpayer> This doesn't just annoy me for theft, it is in all means of crime we hear about - how many times have you read a paper/watched the news in the past month when you've had a "disapproving shaking of the head" moment followed by "that's a f'n disgrace". Death by dangerous driving - Suspended sentence, small fine and a small ban. Big deal, some family has to cope with that for the rest of their days and the offender gets a firm slap on the wrist. Rape/Murder/Child abuse/Drugs - none of the punishments are so scary that it will put off the offenders. Bring back capital punishment. As far as I'm concerned, offences one and three should carry a 3 year sentence followed by execution - do we need them back in society to reoffend? No. They can't if they're gone. Murder the same dependant on circumstance, but the first two make me sick. Sorry went off topic, but this annoys me for a start, but it's the system that has a lot to answer for. I don't blame the Police or the Magistrate before anyone points that out, I blame the legislators. To conclude: Punishment for the thieves of Alex' car if it were up to me: 5 Years no parole. Enough time to think about what they've done. Prime Minister Pete!
  15. Im so excited...

    Haha take no notice I didn't mean it was stupid was just raking ya! Also it's good to know that any questions asked generally seem to be answered really quickly on here it's a credit to the forum everyone's as helpful :)