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  1. Focus Cmax 2.0 Tdci Clutch

    Cheers james,,The only tricky bits was ,, near side driveshaft was stuck in I found that using a mini crowbar 12" long did the trick ,,also the plate that holds the cat in place was a bit fiddly to get off ,, I had to undo the holt that held the cat to the manifold first so it hold drop a little before the plate would move ,, I stood at the near side looking at the engine then from above with a 16mm flexi head ratchet spanner got it off ok ,,,also I made some time ago a engine stabalizer bar ,,that held the engine just low enough while I used my engine hoist with a sling round the gearbox to remove the gearbox as they do weigh a bit as you prob know . I do have a very big garage to play in ,,and have a very good tool kit with a load of homemade tools to ease many jobs. The main reason I asked about the dmf was that the garage said it MUST be changed with the clutch plate ,,my thought was that if there's nothing wrong with it and as it turned out it was ok , there was exactly the same play and movement as the new one ,, and as you know they aren't cheep, but as my daughter bought it I put it in ,, have you done a egr blank on one of these cars ? She is coming back next week , I'm going to remove the egr to give it a clean out ,,, but was thinking of blanking it,,, also offside electric window needs looking at ,, it won't work ,,, only clicks when the button is pressed ,,, many thanks ,, paul.
  2. Focus Cmax 2.0 Tdci Clutch

    What sort of a crap answer is that ??? If I wanted to let the garage do it I wouldn't be here,, anyway iv done it now and it runs like new ,, also changed the nearside shocker that the GARAGE couldn't do because they said they couldnt undo a bolt and wanted to charge her £950 to do the clutch and shocker and she already had the parts ,, I did it all in just under 5 hours that's a whopping £190 or hour ,
  3. Focus Cmax 2.0 Tdci Clutch

    Thanks for the reply , but I did tell her to get the full kit ,, she was on her way and the clutch has gone altogether now , but the AA is sorting her out ,, busy weekend in front of me by the looks of it ,, I will keep you posted as to how I get on ,, many thanks ,,, ps , is there anything awkward in changing the clutch ? Iv done quite a few in the past but not on a focus ,,, cheers
  4. Focus Cmax 2.0 Tdci Clutch

    Hi all ,, I'm new here My daughters clutch is slipping and stinks ,, do I need to change the flywheel as well as the clutch ? The car is on a 04 , it has a dw10 engine fitted with a 6 speed box , cheers paul