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  1. Recaro Leather Heated Seat Not Working.

    Yeah I need to know what wires to fuse and give a live to as it goes into the fuse box which I cannot open so I'm gonna have to put an inline fuse when I find out what colours I need to cut! A wiring diagram would be very helpful right now!
  2. Recaro Leather Heated Seat Not Working.

    I have all the wires and I've followed them back to the fuse box but there is no connectors or fuse in 121. Is there 4 wires going to each switch?
  3. Recaro Leather Heated Seat Not Working.

    Do you know what/how many wires go into the fuse box for the heated seats And even the colours so I can put an inline fuse in! Cheers Chris
  4. Recaro Leather Heated Seat Not Working.

    Was it fairly simple and a straight forward swap??
  5. Recaro Leather Heated Seat Not Working.

    Hello, I've put some heated, electric and airbag seats in my focus mk2. Everything works apart from the heated seats, the switches light up on the dash. The fuse is 121 but there is no fuse or wiring under the fuse but the rest of the wiring is there? Can I put two connections in the fuse box as I can see something on the board underneath the fuse board but just no connections up or do I have to purchase the fuse box with the heated seats at 80 something? Cheers chris
  6. I have got a Ford Focus mk2 2007/57. I have just changed to some leather heated and electric seats, the electric seats are working but the heated seats are not. I have the wiring to the seats, I have got the switch and it lights up with the headlights. The fuse is 121 which does not have a fuse and no wiring underneath. Just need some help with where the wiring is for the fuse box as I've got the rest of the wiring up to the fuse box or help wiring in a fuse and live for the seats. Any help would be much appreciated
  7. Hello all, I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI 2007/57 and am looking to swap the existing fabric seats with airbags for some leather ford seats with airbags. I am looking for advice of what will fit and will any make/year of ford fit. It has serval connectors underneath both seats and I can take a picture of what they look like if it is any help! Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  8. Swapping Seats

    Good evening all, Just wondering if anyone could help me! I'm after putting some new seats in my ford focus 1.8 tdci 2007, I like the seats in the mk1 st170 but didn't know if they would fit into the mk2? Any help would be much appreciated before I start drilling holes in my floor!
  9. Coilovers Or Lowering Springs

    Not bad value at all, Thanks for that. Save a little money and they'll will be going on!
  10. Coilovers Or Lowering Springs

    Have you got a link for the lowering springs? Okay sounds good with the tint, Did you get it proffesionaly done or can it be done at home? I'll check your profile out.
  11. Hello everyone, My first post as i've just brought my self a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI 2007/57. Fitted mist washer jets, Carbon wrapped my interior and ordered a few parts to put on next week. They are heater controls and lights for footwell. I was looking to do a few more mods one being tinting the rear windows, was just wondering is limo black the best for a black car? The other being lowering it a few mm. Which one would someone recommend coil overs or just lowering springs? is 35mm lower enough!? Cheers Chris