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  1. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Plenty on ebay. look up ST diffuser. or get it new from fordpartsuk.
  2. St line body kit

    I would agree with the previous comments. Just trade it in for the ST line with the kit on already. Just for practical reasons. Cost me a fortune to get the kit painted and fitted. Worth it in the end tho. She started life as just a standard zetec. Goodluck.
  3. Brakes service

    Hi guys. Any suggestions for brake pads and discs? Just need midrange ones for daily drive. She's just over 40k miles. Currently looking at brembo pads and disc from carpartsforl3ss. About 60+ for both disc and pads. Cheers
  4. A few little mods for 2017

    Point Blur_Mar242017_205103.jpg


  5. Fiesta 5 Door ST is COMING VERY SOON!

    As with James. I disagree.
  6. What type of black should I de-chrome with?

    Had it wrapped in matte black to blend in with the door/window plastics.
  7. What Rims for my Fiesta Zetec?

    at ford fair 2016. Full style kit and ST rear diffuser with TRC front and side splitters.
  8. What Rims for my Fiesta Zetec?

    Is this your taste? Team Dynamics Monza R.
  9. Best body modifications for MK7?

    Bought it off fordpartsuk. there is guide here somewhere and quite a few people have done it.
  10. Best body modifications for MK7?

    It is bigger compared to the standard one.
  11. Best body modifications for MK7?

    I would recommend start with the bigger rear spoiler. They run about £100 on ebay and they are easy to install. Marmite lover as well.
  12. Best body modifications for MK7?

    Like marmite.
  13. Official Fordfair 2016 Thread

    Was on the stand behind you guys.
  14. So this happened today. Did not manage to get a stand pass but went there on a public ticket and took pictures for you guys to enjoy.