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  1. Brakes

    I think its mostly when I first use the car? I'll have to keep a listen out. Which means turning the music off lol
  2. Bluetooth Problems

    Forgot to reply an update.. Late i know! Ford updated software And was back to normal after that hurrah!
  3. Brakes

    Hi guys. In the mornings my brakes do a high pitched squeak when braking. Its really annoying and does anyone else have this problem? Ive taken into ford they have changed brake pads, still squeaked so took back and they apparantly 'greased' or oiled them, also when turning i head a crunching noise which ford said nothing can be done they apparantly 'greased' some joint but it stil does it. 2010 zetec model... !Removed! cars!!!!!
  4. Possible To Change Display?

    Guys. I have the second picture (orange display writing one) and I would love to change it for a touch screen type. Is this possible?!
  5. Bluetooth Problems

    Yes they all seem to be fine, I only noticed the bluetooth wasn't on when my phone rang instead of through the speakers, and yet the day before (before i had it cleaned inside) it was normal. Very peculiar! Also actually, a week before this the Aux option was working fine, playing music through speakers on a Aux cable, but now when you press Aux it says line inactive. Technology these days ay!
  6. Bluetooth Problems

    Alot of forums say to disconnect the battery to try solve the problem. Could it be where I had the car cleaned & he moved the steering wheel out to clean dash board, it was fine before that If i remember right
  7. Bluetooth Problems

    When i try to connect my phone it says connection to katies iphone failed
  8. Bluetooth Problems

    Thanks. Appreciate your reply. Will try all tomorrow :)
  9. Bluetooth Problems

    When I go to the turn on bluetooth option the tick is in the box, i click to turn it off, but the tick comes back into the box in a second by its self
  10. Replacing Lost Fiesta Key

    I need to purchase another key, as i only have One for my car. Is it really £350 for a key!
  11. Bluetooth in my 2010 ford fiesta was working fine until couple of days ago, the blue light is not on anymore and my iphone cannot find it when searching. Please help! What could have happened?