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  1. Mk3 Mondeo 2.5 16V V6

    Hi Paul, I've had my 53 plate Zetec S for 7 years, and like others have said before, the engine is bullet proof but watch out for a bit of misfire and bogging down when it's time to change the HT leads and plugs and a nice KN filter helps its breathing (anyone else notice that the engine doesn't decelerate as well when you lift off with an after market filter fitted?). I've changed both rear hubs, easy 20-25 min job per side, both front springs have been changed, and to be frank, it's never handled right since (which is my major gripe!) and the rear bushes could do with changing. The brakes can be a bit soft, but I've found knocking the ABS off and 10 mins of harder braking soon sorts that out. On the touchy subject of fuel efficiency....it's just not! I average 25 MPG on my daily run into Belfast from Bangor, and only reach the sunny side of 29 mpg when the engine governess is sitting in the passenger seat! Unfortunately 99 octane petrol hasn't reached NI yet (they think that 97 is super unleaded ) so it's filled up with the good stuff when I'm home in Scotland....and it does make a BIG difference. After changing the plugs yesterday, I'm having a visit from the chimney sweep from Terraclean NI so will post the results to see if they rounds up any lost horses. All things considered, it is getting a bit long in the tooth...the rust has appeared along both front door sills, and she does creak...but would I swap it for the mediocrity and 55 mpg of her-in-doors A4....no chance! Happy motoring!