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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Just to clarify..... I am specing the car for myself and as I'll be keeping it for 10 years or so. The impact of any options on the resale value are of no importance to me. I'll have to have a look on youtube to see if I can find any sort of comparison check between halogen and LED headlights on the Puma. Does anyone know if LED headlights bounce off fog and mist as bad as halogen lights do?
  2. Thanks for that, I'll give them a miss. Nice try getting me to think about Vignale upgrade......... you don't work for Ford do you? 🤣
  3. I'm currently specing out the new Puma I hope to order. Its a dangerous and expensive game. I original thought I'd be happy with a base line Titanium with just metallic paint added. Now I'm up to a ST Line X with metallic paint and parking assist. I'm looking at adding the LED headlight option at £700 and I'm wondering if they are worth the extra. I'm not concerned about how cool they might look, I'm too old for that. I want to know how much better/safer they are driving at night. We plan to keep this car for 10 years possibly more so I want to get it right at the buying stage. Thanks
  4. Thanks for that. Having thought about how often I've used my roof bars on my Fiesta over the last 5-6 years, I've decided that the money might be better spent on other more useful extras.
  5. I'm seriously considering buying a Puma, probably an ST Line spec car. There doesn't seem to be many stock built cars so I may end up ordering one to my specs. I was looking at the option of having roof rails fitted. They cost £200 extra. I know that roof bars whistle when fitted but I've never owned a car with just the rails fitted and I wondered if they were noisy in any way. Thanks.
  6. Just as a followup, I had both rear springs replaced at my local independent yesterday. One hours labour plus parts which came to £96 total so quite reasonable. The garage owner reckons that they are replacing springs much more on recent Fords than on older Fords.
  7. Tell you what..... I'll give you her number and let you tell her that 🤣 Seriously, I think its just a bit of bad luck or a bad batch of springs. My own Mk7.5 is 2 years older, double the mileage and tends to get used on the ***** roads while the wife's car is used on shorter trips on good roads with no speed bumps.
  8. You say normal but my own Mk7.5 is a 13 plate with 50k on it and the springs are fine. Actually, the roads where I live are not too bad.
  9. My wife called from the shops today and said the car was making a funny noise over bumps and cornering. I told her to come home and I took it for a drive. It took less than 100 yards to work out that the right rear spring was the problem and taking the wheel off confirmed that the spring had snapped. I've had this before but on 10 year old, 100k mile Mondeos. Her Fiesta is a 65 plate with 24k miles on the clock. Anyone else had one fail so early?
  10. My neighbour has an 66 plate Ecosport. I don't know too much about it but I know its an automatic. A couple of weeks ago I heard her having problems starting it. The engine was turning over but not firing. She tried for about 5 minutes then it eventually fired up. I was chatting with her yesterday and I asked her about the problem and what was done to fix it. She said that after several minutes of trying, she noticed an error message on the display which said something like "Remove CD from the unit". She said she then removed the CD she had in her audio unit and the car then started. It
  11. You could be right. It looks like we both have 2013 models so the batteries are getting on for 6 years old. I'll probably keep mine going for a while because the stop/start system isn't a "must have" for me. Thanks.
  12. The BMS reset works on mine and the stop/start system is fine for a couple of days, then it stops working again and I have to do the BMS reset again. I'm not really bothered but it would be interesting to know what module is causing the BMS to fail all the time.
  13. The video is from a later model than mine. I found this old post from Iantt and found that it did work. its essentially the same procedure but explained a bit better (no offence). "Ron, if you want to have a go at reseting battery monitoring, just do as follows Ign on for 10 secs, press rear foglight switch 5 times, press hazzard switch 3 times, wait 10 secs. Battery light flashes. Ign off use car, and see if that fixes"
  14. Its hard to say for certain but if the alternator has been changed in the past week and you say the noise is there with the engine running and the car stationary, chances are your problem is related to the alternator or the aux drive belt and its tension. It would help if you stated what engine type/size you have in your fiesta.
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