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  1. Focus 1.8 Tddi - Turbo Noise

    I will check that tomorrow and try to post my video how it performs, so maybe you will know the issue. However it's the noise than you can hear much better in your car than staying in front of open bonnet.
  2. Focus 1.8 Tddi - Turbo Noise

    I've checked the main hose from turbo to intercooler and from intercooler to manifold. They looks fine. Clamps were not loose and I could not fill any air blowing from hoses. However I've no idea what other hoses I could check. Cheers
  3. Hi, I've bought Ford Focus 1.8 TDDI Ghia from 2000. I had already some issues, but hopefully fixed. I've managed to change oil and filters so I've went for some drive testing. I've noticed that my Turbo (is it?) gives noise, similar to that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9xI5Xt1Wx8 It happens when you start to accelerate hardly. When it start to squeak you can just have revs stabilized on e.g 2k RPM and it still squeaks. You need to push clutch so engine will idle and squeak stops. Squeak it's not related with engine RPMs. I think it's related with turbo blowing, because when it squeaks even if you make your engine revs higher, squeak have same pitch. Do you have idea is it faulty turbo? (Another thing that previous seller forgot to tell about). ... I hope that there is air leak or something, but it's not whistle it's like squeak...
  4. It works. No leak anymore. However let's see how it will be in long term. Now I need to change oil and all filters. Cheers.
  5. It leaks from vaccum pump cover. Since I won't get spare one before Saturday, tomorrow I will try repair existing one. I've drilled rivets and opened the pump, tomorrow I will get M5x20mm bolts with nuts. I will use existing o-ring with black loctite silicon. Hopefully I will fit it tomorrow and see if it helped. Fingers crossed
  6. Right I've got an exact instruction how to remove vacuum pump and fit it back, but it says that I need a gasket? However I can not find gasket anywhere, do you think that oil resistant silicon would be enough?
  7. I've checked the intercooler hose and it's fine. However after some manual cleaning I've found out that there is oil leak going through the engine just under the vacuum pump. I've also noticed that vacuum pump cover it's loose, so if engine runs I can see it's cover shaking a little. However I am not sure if it leaks from vacuum pump cover (which is loose) or just from the place when the vacuum pump fits into the engine (place where pump it's driven by cam). 1. Did any one had some issue, like oil leak near the vacuum pump?
  8. Right, but does intercooler hose pumps oil? Does it mean that my turbo is leaking?
  9. Rocker cover area looks fine. The air hose from turbo was covered with some oil, but I've cleaned it up, screwed it harder and it looks fine (but not sure if in long term). I will make some better photos tomorrow, now I've rinsed it with some kitchen cleaner, however not sure if it help to see more (unfortunately don't have place/garage to jet it).
  10. Heya, I've just bought a Ford Focus, however I've just realized about some issues. There is major oil leak from the right side of engine. Possibly it leaks only when engine is running, because there when car was not running I did not see many oil dots increase on the ground. I don't know if it's leaking from engine or just from some hoses there? Images: I would like previous buyer to contribute with some costs or if it's really serious I am going to give the car back, since it was listed as good condition without listing any issues. Do you have idea what could it be, and how much it could cost to repair? I would appreciate any kind of advice about that. 2. Also I could not find any service manual to check what's there. Maybe do you have link to one of this? Cheers