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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk 7 Bumper Help?

    Hey guys, second post, basically i bought a bumper off ebay, needs a respray as it has a few scratches dotted about the place just wondering if anyone else has had do get a respray and how much it cost? as i've seen people say they've paid between £80-300, and i don't really want to part with more than £100 if i'm being completely honest! but may have to evidently. anyhow, any stories/help will be helpful Thanks
  2. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    ah right you're lucky in some ways I guess! could be lumbered like me, where a driver hit my car, leaving a rather large dent in the wing and the bumper was actually unclipped/unattached at one corner!!! hoping no clips have broke :(:( but yeah, guess these things happen. :( :( :(
  3. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    Oh lord :( the door aswell?! Looking at getting that done? or? Mines just the front bumper and wing which need replacing, i've heard the bumper can take all of 20 minutes if you know what you're doing, however the wing may take me a tad longer by the looks of it! <_<
  4. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    Not yet mate, doing the job on Saturday. Doing a similar job then?
  5. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    Ah right, understandably really! With the Wing (offside panel, whatever you may phrase it as) is it necessarily difficult to get too? I will be taking off the old bumper anyhow, to replace that for a new one, but the wing I will do after removing the old bumper, Does the wing take some finding of bolts to get too? or is it relativley obvious? had a look online, found a how to for removing the bumper but not the wing! Also could you just clarify it is bolt on? Thanks ever so much mate, you've been a real help,
  6. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    Ah right thats brill mate haha! ill see if i can get a buddy of mine to help! its not gonna look perfect, but then im not expecting it too ofcourse, just replace the parts with a mediocre job really!! thanks man, final question, you know you said you had to do some fiddleing and teaking when fitting the fender/front wing, can I ask why that was? I got a genuine part, so should all line up etc, just wondering why there may be trouble Thanks ever so much for the help1!! ^_^
  7. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    Ah thats fine, also could I ask about the bumper? easy enough to get on/off? and its deff bolt on? Thanks
  8. (2009) Require Some Help With The Offside Wing Panel

    AH right! perfect!!! One other thing, are there any hard to get to bolts I should know about before hand? thanks, should be able to replace it in no time im guessing then, an hour or so? Thansk again man
  9. Hi, I have a ford fiesta Zetec 5 door, theres a rather large dent in my offside driverside wing panel, ive ordered a new one however was wondering how hard is it to fit it myself? technically able, have replaced the bumper before, however is the wing welded? anyway around it? or is it fairly cheap to take the new part to a garage/bodyshop and have them just swap it over? ballpark figure? thanks to everyone on this forumn, love reading through, never thought id be posting myself one day, but you lot are the experts! forgot to mention its a mk7 2009 model. part cost £40, would not be willing to spend £200 to replace it when a part is £40. thanks!