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  1. Ford Focus Steering Wheel Vibration

    Thanks Alan, well it went to a local garage who determined it was the discs, as you mentioned. Its just had new quality discs and pads and its absolutely fine. Due to my health issues its not a job i am able to do these days but at least its sorted. Thanks again Mike
  2. Hi everyone, I 'd like to call on the knowledge of you guys regarding a problem i'm experiencing with my focus 04 1.6. Last year around march i had new front brake discs and pads. for the last couple of weeks when i brake at around 35mph or more i get what i can best describe as a tremble through the steering wheel.it is most felt if i barely touch the wheel with my fingertips while braking. does not seem to happen below 30. i don't think i feel much on the brake pedal. my mechanic took it out today and said sometimes it does not happen and felt it was the abs kicking in due to rust particles in or on the hub ring giving the sensor(s) false impression. he doesn't think its disc issues because when he took it out today it did not happen every time. i dont get the fairly strong pedal on off effect when abs kicks in on an icy road at low speeds. he's proposing to deal with the rust particles by i think removing both the front disc and wheel bearing assemblies, cleaning and reassembling. He had the wheels off and tried to clean up where the sensors pick up on the front wheels.Sorry i'm not familiar, is there a ring on the hub where the sensors pick up from? any suggestions? i dont want to throw a chunk of money for it to still be there after. sorry if i got some of the above wrong, i'm not at all familiar with abs! ps no issues at all when not braking. Thanks Mike
  3. Speedo Advice Please

    Thank you guys for all your help. The sensor was fitted thursday and all seems good! Mike
  4. Speedo Advice Please

    Sorry to be a pain! On my way home tonight the speedo dropped and for the 1st time, the odometer became a saeries of dashes and resumed its normal display when the speedo returned to normal, lasted perhaps 20 seconds. i am having the vss fitted tomorrow. Does what happened tonight still indicate a vss issue rather than clocks? tthe other displays on the clocks remained as normal, just speedo and odometer affected. Thanks Mike
  5. Speedo Advice Please

    Thanks again, i've just ordered the Ebay part, and will get the local garage to fit asap. really appreciate all the help you guys have given. Mike
  6. Speedo Advice Please

    Hi Clive, Many thanks for the info. Can i ask, is the Ebay item of same quality as an original ford part? Mike
  7. Hello!

    Hello to everyone, my name is Mihailo, but i've always been called Mike! I'm in Staffordshire, and own a 54 reg 1.6LX Focus. I have to say its been a great car, although i have spent alot on it recently, its been super reliable. In my past years i've owned many Capris, including 3.0S, 2.0S, and others. I'm a big american car fan, and i've been very privileged to have owned a mag featured 66 289 V8 fastback. I've also owned a Ford 68 Torino GT, 70 Mach One and other mustangs. my dream car is the 1970 Boss 302! Nice to meet you all! Mike
  8. Speedo Advice Please

    Thanks for your reply Derek, am i right that if the instrument cluster were the problem, that all the dials would misbehave, not just the speedo? mihailo
  9. Hello to everyone, i'm a new member needing some advice. I have a 54 focus 1.6LX petrol, done 145K, and been a superb car. For about 6 months the speedo has suddenly dropped to zero and after a few seconds back to normal while driving. Probably at least once a day. Now the lag before returning to normal is sometimes alot longer. I just did another road test, and only speedo affected, does not appear to affect any other display or radio volume/odometer display.ie no --- on odometer. I dont want to spend wasted money on unnecessary work. Does this sound like a potential cluster issue, or more likely a sensor problem? I came across a respected forum comment that it was a faulty sensor seal on the final drive. I have no idea as i'm not that technically inclined. can any members offer possible cause? Many thanks Mihb