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  1. You have to keep it for a minimum of nine months - I think it's to stop people just buying them on privilege and selling them straight away. I suppose you're right after the 9 month period though.
  2. Hello all I bought a focus Titanium on the privilege scheme towards the end of last year and i'm wanting rid of it at the end of the 9 months - probably for a used MK2.5 Focus ST. I've had several cars bought on privilege but i've always swapped them for another new Ford at the end of the 9 month minimum period. Am I able to just car back after 9 months and walk away, or would I need to wait until the end of my term? ...and failing that, has anybody ever sold/part-exed their car after the 9 month minimum period to a non ford dealer? Cheers!
  3. Fiesta St2 Spirit Blue

    Looks nice! Picking up my panther black ST-2 today, can't wait!
  4. You'll have to get a diffuser sprayed deep impact blue of thats what you want. As far as i know you cant buy them ore painted. As for the alloys I agree with the above. Black alloys with dark blue paint wouldn't work. If it were me id spray them a dark grey/gunmetal colour.
  5. Window Rattle

    I used to get the same rattle when I had wind deflectors on. It's because the glass it rattling against the plastic of the deflector instead of the soft door seal.
  6. New Fiesta Zetec S Engine Options.

    Exactly, and its basically the same car. There also tends to be more in the way of offers and deposit contributions on standard fiesta compared to STs.
  7. New Fiesta Zetec S Engine Options.

    Don't forget that you will rarely, if ever pay the list price. I would expect these to be around the same sort of price as a red edition.
  8. Nobody seems to have mentioned anything about this yet so I thought i'd post. The Fiesta Zetec S now comes with the 17" alloy wheels as standard, as well as the option to spec a standard Zetec S with the 140ps engine from the red/black edition. There is also another color called "Magnetic", a sort of metallic grey. My dealer said these cars wont be arriving at showrooms until August time. you can configure one on the configuration already though; http://www.ford.co.uk/ConfigureyourCar/Fiesta Interesting!
  9. New Fiesta Engine

    Yeah, thats what I was told by my dealer.
  10. New Fiesta Engine

    That echos what my dealer has told me. The petrol version of the ZS will come with the 17"s as standard aswell as the 140hp version of the 1.0 ecohboost from the red/black edition. You'll also be able to have it in the colour 'magnetic'. Not bad! The engine in the ST is getting a few updates soon too.
  11. Tips And Tricks Zetec S Ecoboost?

    Just tried the window opening trick on my 64 plate Zetec s, works a treat!
  12. 10K What Would You Buy?

    You could get a tidy mk6.5 st for half that.
  13. Breaking In Ecoboost?

    Mine gets red lined on a regular basis. Dont see a problem with it, the revs are there to be used. Maybe take it easy for the first few hundred miles just for piece of mind, but after that don't bother.
  14. Ford Options

    You could part-ex your Zs and have the dealer settle the finance, instead of you paying it yourself. Just because you financed through ford doesn't mean you have to stay with ford. It's just a loan after all.
  15. St Strange Noise (Video Included)

    Found another instance of the noise you mentioned. it's quite clear in this video around the 1:40 mark. Just sounds like induction noise or something as Darren said.